We are creeping closer to our $500,000.00 goal! To date we have collected $370,063.25 (74.01%) for this project. This figure includes contributions from Lodges, Districts, Individuals, and the VMA. All together if we include Chapters and Moose Legions, which do not count toward our $500K goal, the members of Virginia have contributed $393,696.15 to the construction of the new building project at Moosehaven. I have attached a spreadsheet showing what has been given to date and an "Honor Roll" of Lodges contributions.

We have 17 Lodges that have met their full three years, 7 that have met 2 years, and 29 that have met at least 1 year. Sadly we still have 9 Lodges that have yet to give anything to this important project. Please thank the ones that have given and try to help those who have not find a way to raise at least a little for this worthy project.

We are very close to completion of this project so please keep talking about it to your Lodges and let's try to have it completed by the Mid-year Conference in January if not before. If we all work together there is no reason we cannot make this happen! I have faith in all of you we can get this done and get me fired! Andy Dooley said he has a banner for me when the time comes!!

Thank you for all that you do for our fraternity!


Attached you will find the latest report on the Centennial Project. They broke ground at Moosehaven for this project on Sunday March 5th at Moosehaven! The Virginia Moose Association is well on it's way to completing their $500K part of this project with over $ 351,168.52 (70.23%) collected thus far! All together  the Virginia Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions, Districts, and individuals have contributed over $372,000.00 to this project.

Please thank everyone who has contributed, especially those who have completed their three year total to date on this project. We still have some lodges who have given very little so I would ask you to please help these lodges find a way to at least contribute something. Remember these numbers only go through February 28 and some have given since then, notably Appomattox 975 just sent a check for their $2,835.00 three year total and I'm sure there are others who have given.

I have also attached an Honor Roll showing who has met their various suggested obligations. I want to especially thank those who have vastly exceeded the requests we made with Woodbridge 583 leading at a whopping 427%!! We have 16 Lodges over 100%, 6 Lodges over 66%, and 28 Lodges over 33%. Sadly there are still 11 who have been unable to give anything. Let's see if we can find a way to help them raise a little to contribute!

Brothers thank you for all that you do and let's try to get this project done ahead of schedule by the next Mid-year Conference in January 2018. If we all work together there is no doubt in my mind that we can get it done!

I want to personally thank each lodge, chapter, districts, legions, and mostly individual donors for helping with your generosity and help.  The state of Virginia is doing great with its donations to help the Moosehaven Centennial Project.  I want to thank everyone that has met their first year, second year, and some that have even exceeded into their third-year donations.  Attached are the latest donation documents for December.  Again, Thanks!

I have also attached an "Honor Roll" of those Lodges that have met at least one year of the goals set for them. It includes forty Lodges who have met one, two, and exceeded three years of the goal. There are others who are very close to completing one year. Here is a list of what has been collected thus far:

Moosehaven Centennial Project Report
Group Amount
Lodges $203,865.86
Virginia Moose Association $39,441.08
Chapters $12,760.90
Individual Donors $6,274.92
Districts $4,175.00
Eastern Council of Higher Degrees $1000.00
Moose Legions $100.00
Total Amount: $267,617.76

Thank you for all that you do and please help me get this project done ahead of schedule!

Brothers and Co-workers,

Here is the latest update on the Moosehaven Centennial Project. We are progressing nicely toward our goals thanks to your hard work. Let's keep the momentum going and get this project accomplished ahead of schedule so the work may get started on securing our future.

I have already gotten word that the landmark Moosehaven water tower has been brought down after ninety years of service. They are working on preparing the site so that construction may begin when fundraising is complete.

To date our member lodges in the VMA have contributed $200,176.86 (40.04%) towards our goal. Add to this District, individuals, our Association, and others and we have collected a total of $239,041.46 (47.81%). Along with the money collected from Chapters and Moose Legions of Virginia our members have contributed $249,774.46 (49.95%) towards the construction of the new 105 unit building that will house our members in the land of sunshine and contentment we call Moosehaven!!

This is an outstanding achievement to have raised this much money in less than one year and it is all thanks to the hard-working men and women of the Virginia Moose Association! Let's get this project done ahead of schedule and show the fraternity how much we care for our seniors!

Thank you to all who have given and are helping us meet this $500,000.00 goal!! Be sure to share these numbers with the Lodges and Chapters in your Districts and give them our appreciation!!!!! I have attached an "Honor Roll" for the lodges that completed one or more years of the goals we set forth, please give them a heartfelt thank you!

Thank you for all that you do for our great fraternity!!

Don Ridenhour - VMA Moose Charities Chairman


We have almost reached the 50% mark in just the first year of fundraising for this three year project. As it stands we have raised $227,540.14 for 45.51% with three months to go in the year. Altogether with the Lodges, Chapters, Districts, Individuals, Association, and Moose Legions of Virginia we have collected $235,292.14 to fund the new building at Moosehaven.

I have attached the latest figures along with an "Honor Roll" of those who have contributed at least one year on the goals we set. There are still some Lodges who have not contributed anything yet and if we can get them on board we should have no problem putting this project to bed before the three years are up.

Thank you and keep up the good work! This is one job from which I have no problem being fired!

Brothers and Co-workers,

Brothers and Co-workers we are well on our way to meeting our obligation to the Centennial Project and have passed the VMA 1 Year Goal by collecting $203,791.52 (40.76%). Including Chapter and Moose Legion contributions we have collected a total of $211,128.52 for the project. I wish to thank each and every one of you for your contributions and if we keep up the hard work we will surpass our $500,00.00 goal well ahead of schedule!!

As a reminder be sure to send your donations to:

Moose Charities
155 S International Way
Mooseheart, IL 60539
with “Moosehaven Centennial Project” on the memo line.

A special thank you to the following:

Lodge 3 Year Obligation Met
Lodge Percentage
Chesterfield #1980 146.39%
Lynchburg #715 123.00%
Manchester Richmond #699 119.72%
Verona #2172 117.25%
Dinwiddie #1993 108.84%
Newport News #1119 107.39%
Hopewell #1472 104.78%
Williamsburg #757 103.30%
Washington County #1966 100.32%


Lodge 2 Year Obligation Met
Lodge Percentage
Stafford #2215 99.12%
Warwick #1711 91.28%
Waynesboro #1309 88.07%
Farmville #968 70.46%


Lodge 1 Year Obligation Met
Lodge Percentage
Fredricksburg #1655 65.23%
Arlington #1315 53.33%
Tappahannock/Warsaw #2133 43.89%
Herndon #2274 38.52%
Front Royal #829 38.51%
Blue Ridge #2135 37.63%
Richmond East #1947 37.21%
Clifton Forge #1004 35.81%
Callao #917 35.69%
Smyth County #1004 35.09%
Lexington #1700 34.86%
Warrenton #1695 34.86%
Dale City #2165 34.32%
Smith Mountain Lake #2346 34.31%
Richmond Lakeside #1714 34.17%
Aragona Village #1198 33.79%
Hampton #1514 33.66%
Salem #2573 33.54%
Lancaster County #2527 33.33%
South Hill #1872 33.33.%

Don Ridenhour Moosehaven Centennial Project


Moosehaven Centennial Project

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