Endowment Report
as of December 31, 2020

Current Endowment Fund Report


Attached is the Endowment report as of 12/31/20. We had 67 lodges reporting for 80.72%. We are going the wrong way. Please remind your Lodges that this is part of the requirements for the Premier lodge Award and they are only allowed to miss three times (one extra from normal due to COVID) and 25 Lodges are on the borderline. Two have already missed four and will not qualify. We still have 39 Lodges at 100% and another 17 who have missed only so please remind your Lodges each month the importance of sending in something as every little bit helps our children and seniors. 

Congratulations to Districts 2, 3, 6, and 7 for having all Lodges reporting! Please contact the following Lodges and find out what happened. If they think there has been as mistake they should contact Moose Charities and try to get it straightened out. 

District 1: Exmore 683 (last report 11/11/20 2nd missed)
District 4: Stafford 2215 (last report 10/16/20 2nd missed)
District 5: Leesburg 1041 (last report 10/15/20 2nd missed) Mt Jackson 979 (last report 11/16/20 3rd missed)
District 8: Dinwiddie 1993 (last report 11/3/20 2nd missed) Hopewell 1472 (last report 11/6/20 1st missed) South Hill 1872 (last report 10/27/20 2nd missed)
District 10: Farmville 968 (last report 11/30/20 1st missed)
District 11: Bassett 383 (last report 11/19/20 3rd missed) Smith Mt Lake 2346 (last report 11/19/20 2nd missed)
District 12: Montgomery County 1470 (last report 11/29/20 2nd missed) Pulaski 2087 (last report 10/20/20 4th missed)
District 13: Smyth County 1004 last report 11/18/20 2nd missed)

Brothers we can do better even during these difficult times. If the lodges are meeting they should be collecting and submitting Endowment money each month. If they are not meeting they should still try to send something because, like the bills in their Lodges, the bills never stop at Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Let's urge them to try and close the year on a good note by getting 100% on their reports for the next four months! We are the Moose and we can do anything we set our minds to!

Thank you for all you do and please stay safe!


Donald Ridenhour
VMA Moose Charities Chairman

"A burden heavy to one is bourne lightly by many"

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