Moose KaraokeAnnouncing the 3rd Annual Virginia Moose Association - Moose Karaoke Contest. 

Winners from Lodge and Chapter Level competitions will compete to represent your District at the Virginia Moose Association Karaoke Contest Friday, January 27, 2017 re-scheduled to Friday, January 20, 2017 at the VMA Mid-Year Conference in Norfolk, Virginia. Click on the image below to view and print this flyer for posting.  Contact VMA Activities Chairman - Andy Dooley for additional information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (540) 330-9635.

Official Communications from Moose International dated October 12, 2016

It is not too early to host your 2016-17 Karaoke contest!  Now that the new 2016-17 fiscal year is well underway, lodges can now begin hosting their 2016-17 Karaoke contests!  You should have already received small posters in the mail that can be posted in a prominent location in your lodge to promote your event.  Please also be sure to promote the contest’s date and time in any other member communications you utilize (i.e. newsletters, calendars, etc.). Attached is the newly updated Judge’s Score Sheet to be used in this year’s contest.  Please note that no criteria has changed on this score sheet, but the date at the top has been updated for the current year’s contest.

Please touch base with your Association ASAP to get the date and time of your Association contest.  This will allow you plenty of time to schedule and host your contest, and to send your advancing winner’s information to them in time for their contest.  To do this, please utilize the attached Association Competition Contestant Form.  

As a reminder, ALL active Moose members are now eligible to participate in this contest, regardless of their past or present level of involvement in the field of music.  This rule change is consistent with other fraternal contests and will allow more musically-inclined members to find more value in their membership.  This is also likely to attract more new musically-inclined members, increase the quality of the performances and the number of spectators at the contest -- and even drive more business in the social quarters.  So be sure to schedule your lodge’s 2016-17 Karaoke contest today!

The 2016-17 Moose International Karaoke Contest Is Underway

With A NEW RULE CHANGE:  Now ALL Active Moose Members Are Eligible To Participate!

New for the current 2016-17 Moose International Karaoke contest, ALL Moose members presenting a valid membership card are now eligible to participate, regardless of their level of involvement in the field of music.  This includes winners from previous years' contests, and those that may earn money on the side, such as D.J.'s., Karaoke K.J.'s, band members, music teachers, etc.  The consensus across the fraternity is that this rule change will have a multi-pronged benefit: It will involve more of our musically inclined members; increase member satisfaction and retention; entice more new members to join; draw in more spectators into the lodges to watch higher-caliber performances; and, will be much easier for contest organizers to manage.

Please schedule your lodge's contest as soon as possible and coordinate efforts with your local district and state/provincial association. Please review the newly revised contest guidelines for more information, which are also available on the Moose International website under 'Activities & Sports'.  A promotional flyer is being sent to all lodges in the coming week to be posted in a prominent location. For any other information, email Cherie Mondrella at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..