With all the new members in our lodges these days, some of you still do not know what Mooseheart is. For all that do not know about Mooseheart, it is a place where children can go and stay in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment while receiving a top-notch education. The school is home to children of all ages from infancy to high school. It was dedicated in July of 1913 by the Moose fraternal organization. Mooseheart is located just west of Chicago and is situated on a 1000-acre campus. Mooseheart cares for the children when others cannot. It takes in children that have lost parents and others in just unhealthy environments. It is through our generosity that these children receive the very best education and nurturing during their formative years.

We support all of the Moose Fraternity, but we have a special interest in the Girls of the Virginia house at Mooseheart. The Virginia House is a home to 6 to 8 girls at any given time. For more information about the girls at the Virginia House please see below.


Age: 9
Birthday: February 7th
Loves: Dinosaurs, crocodiles, snakes and playing outside
Favorite Food: Tacos
Siblings: Matilda has 3 brothers who she absolutely loves.
Matilda has resided in Virginia Home since January 2014.

**Matilda has an amazing imagination and can make a game out of just about anything. She has a huge heart and cares deeply about the people around her. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and cares about people and animals being treated the right way. She would do just about anything for someone she cares about. She loves to play outside, especially if she gets to get dirty, and she enjoys doing anything that incorporates her using her imagination. She is often found trying to make whatever she is doing fun, even if it is doing her chore.


Age: 8
Birthday: April 23rd
Loves: Animals of any kind but especially dogs
Favorite Food: Hot Cheetos
Siblings: Madison has one brother who she is extremely close with.
Madison has resided in Virginia Home since August 2015.

**Madison loves dogs more than probably most anything else in the world. You can hear her squeal from the backseat of the van if we drive past one. She is often pretending to be a dog and whenever she is playing an imagination game with her peers she is most commonly the dog. She loves to talk and she only knows how to play hard, there is not in between for that girl when it is free time. She loves to cuddle and give hugs but only when it is on her terms. She also loves to be tickled.


Age: 8
Birthday: April 23rd
Loves: Hello Kitty, music and cats
Favorite Food: pizza
Siblings: Calli has one sister who she adores.
Calli has resided in Virginia Home since June 2015.

**Calli is a very sweet girl who loves any attention she can get. She loves to sing and dance whether that is with her peers or just in the shower. She enjoys school and is really smart. She likes to play with the other girls in the home and she loves to play games and do puzzles. She sometimes enjoys playing imagination games with her peers but really only as long as she gets to make up the story line. However, with that she is really good at making up stories and loves writing and coloring.


Age: 8
Birthday: July 13th
Loves: anything and everything that has to do with wolves
Favorite Food: Cheese pizza
Siblings: Emma has no siblings.
Emma has resided in Virginia Home since February 2016.

**Emma loves to talk and she will talk with you about just about anything. She enjoys going to school and loves to read all kinds of books, she is a very smart girl. She is very caring and wants to be helpful to those around her. She loves to play with the girls in the home and is learning what it means to have 'sisters' around to be able to play with and have relationships with. She has a lot of wolf stuffed animals that she loves to play with and refers to them as her pack. She can tell you everything you would ever want to know about wolves.


Age: 7
Birthday: November 1st
Loves: anything Minion, coloring pictures, and being tickled
Favorite Food: Chef Salad/Salad Bar
Siblings: Kamiya has an older sister and an older brother who she loves to see and give huge hugs to…even if they pretend they don't like it.
Kamiya has resided in Virginia Home since June 2015.

**Kamiya is everything sassy. She loves to joke around with people but is also super caring about everyone in her life. She lights up a room but doesn't necessarily enjoy being the center of attention unless she knows you, and then all bets are off! She loves to be tickled and actually asks for it sometimes. She also loves to cuddle with people that she has grown to trust and care about. She is often found near one of the family teachers and loves to just listen and be around them.


Age: 7
Birthday: December 11th
Loves: playing games, Disney Princesses (especially Jasmine), and coloring pictures
Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
Siblings: Jasmine has a younger brother who she loves to hug and a younger sister who she loves to get new pictures of.
Jasmine has resided in Virginia Home since June 2015.

**Jasmine has the most beautiful hair ever, but she doesn't believe it. She also has a smile that brightens up a lot of days! She has a great imagination and is continuing to learn how to use it. She loves to tell stories and play with her peers. She is very smart and cares about the people around her. She is always asking for hugs and will be the first to ask you to play a game with her. She loves to have fun and she enjoys being outside and riding her bike and her scooter.

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