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Many lodges in the state of Virginia play the Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts was approved the by the state of Virginia for play in our lodges. It is a fun game with sometimes huge pay offs. It is easy to play; you purchase a ticket and pick the number where you think the Queen of Hearts is hiding. If your ticket is drawn to pick, the number you wrote on the back of the ticket is pulled from the board. If we flip the card and it is the Queen of Hearts, you win! If not, it is progressive. The money rolls over into the next drawing.

Note: We try to keep up with all the drawings across the state. Is your lodge not getting updated? Please let us know what is happening in your lodge. You can send us updates directly to Jim Puckett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our Contact Us page under About.

As we get updates during the week, this page will be updated. The most recent reporting lodges will be at the top of the report.  

Fredericksburg Moose #1655
☏ (540) 786-8963
Held Thursdays at 8:30 pm - each week's winner will receive $100 if present; $50 if not present and drawing a Joker will be a $100 bonus
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 26 Cards $24,313.00 03/29/2018
Portsmouth Moose #898
☏ (757) 487-1221
Held Tuesdays at 9:00 pm
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 42 Cards Pot $4,688.00
60% if present
40% not present
$2,813.00 or $1,875.00
Lynchburg-South Moose Family Center #1727
☏ (434) 237-4360
Held Fridays at 8:30 pm - last ticket sold at 8:00pm
each weeks winner receives $50.00, $100 if Joker is drawn
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing

44 Cards

Pot $5,475.00
60% to the winner
Strasburg Moose Family Center #403
☏ (540) 465-9168
Held Mondays at 7:30 pm - last ticket sold at 7:15pm
each weeks winner receives $25.00, Joker and other Queens pay $50.00, .... must be present to win
Winner does not have to be present if Queen of Hearts is turned over
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 32 Cards $12,869.00 03/12/2018
Bedford Moose #1897
☏ (540) 942-9234
Held Fridays at 8:30 pm
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing. 50 Cards $1,500.00 03/02/2018
Hopewell Moose #1472
☏ (804) 458-1755
Held Mondays at 7:00, Tickets go on sale at 5:00 pm. Tickets are only sold on Mondays from 5-7pm.
$50.00 is given to the person whose ticket is pulled for a face card even if the queen is not turned over and $100.00 if a Joker turned over.
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing.
Hopewell Moose1472 - Queen of Hearts total sales on 2/12/2018 was $520.00 card#1 picked was the Five of Hearts.
New jackpot $4,413.00

Thanks, Marvin
$4,413.00 02/19/2018
Altavista Moose Family Center #1433
☏ (434) 369-6945
Held Mondays at 8:00 pm - last ticket sold at 7:30pm
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 52  Cards remain
Dinner Specials each night of Queen
Pot $4,980.00
60% to the winner
Arlington Moose #1315
☏ (703) 820-9345
Held Fridays at 7:30 pm
each weeks winner receives $25.00, $75.00 if Joker is drawn
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 22 cards pot to winner  =  $4,918.00 09/08/2017
Tappahannock-Warsaw Moose Lodge #2133
☏ (804) 443-1217
Held Wednesday at 7:00 pm, also 50/50 each night
Tickets only sold night of drawing, Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm
Ticket pulled gets $25.00, Jokers recieves $100.00, .... must be present to win
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing
All membership cards checked
8 Cards
$13,080.00 08/23/2017
Waynesboro Moose #1309
☏ (540) 942-9234
Held Thursdays at 8:00 pm
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing. 30 Cards $13,163.00 08/03/2017
Lynchburg Moose #715
☏ (434) 385-5203
Held Thursdays 8:30 pm - last ticket sold at 8:00pm
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 35 cards $6,474.00 07/13/2017
Centreville Moose #2168
☏ (703) 385-4403
Held Wednesdays at 8:00 pm - last ticket sold at 7:30pm
each weeks winner receives $25.00, $100.00 if Face Card or Ace is drawn, $200 if Joker is drawn
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 29 Cards Pot $4,647.00
60% if present
30% not present
$2,788.20 or $1394.10
Warwick Moose #1711
☏ (757) 930-1166
Held Thursday's at 8:00 pm
All membership cards will be checked
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing ?? Cards remain Pot to winner $10,314.00 06/15/2017
Winchester Moose Family Center #1283
☏ (540) 667-8284
Held Thursdays ..... Ticket sales, (1.00 per ticket), stop at 7:00pm and the drawing is a few minutes later.
You do not have to be present to win. If not present and ticket has no Card # written on it then the game committee will choose a card for the ticket.
Winning tickets not claimed by the owner with the matching coupon will be hung in the Lodge for 60 days.
The other 3 Queens and 2 Jokers Win $100.00.  $25.00 to the ticket winner for any other cards turned over and you are present at the drawing.
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 54 Cards Pot $17,368.00
60% to the winner
Front Royal Moose #829
☏ (540) 636-6355
Held Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 11 Cards

Pot $72,000.00
60% to the winner

Caroline County Moose #2610
☏ (804) 448-2993
Held Friday s at 8:00 pm
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 46  Cards Pot $4,296.00
60% to the winner
Vienna Moose #1896
☏ (703) 281-4370
Held Thursdays at 7:30 pm - last ticket sold at 7:15pm
each weeks winner receives $25.00, $50.00 if face card is drawn, $100.00 if Joker is drawn - both Jokers remain
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing. 17 cards 6,954.00 10/06/2016


Roanoke Moose #284
☏ (540) 384-7172
Held Fridays at 8:30 pm
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 52 Cards 1,150.00
60% for winner - $690.00
Manchester Moose #699
☏ (804) 794-4318
Held Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
Eligibility Cards Remaining Current
Next Drawing
Open to all members in good standing 36 Cards $4722.00 04/13/2016


Lynchburg Moose Lodge #715 will be hosting a Lodge Leadership/House Committee training on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

This 1-day interactive, instructor-facilitated course is designed to meet both the general needs of the Lodge leaders and Committee Chairman as well as the needs of the Social Quarters Manager The course will help participants understand how those in a position of Lodge leadership work together to meet the overall needs of the Lodge and the Social Quarters. The instruction and materials are divided into two parts, one specific to Lodge leadership and the other to the House Committee.

This class has been designed primarily for Lodge Board of Officers, Committee Chairmen, and Social Quarters Manager. This class may also benefit Audit Committee members, clerical support staff and any active Moose member who is interested in learning more about Lodge and House Committee operations.

Check-in will start at 8:30 am and class will be from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm. In order to attend this class, you must register by April 30, 2018. To register please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include in your email your name, Moose ID Number, Lodge, lodge position and email address. You will receive an email serving as your certificate of attendance and receipt via email.

Cost of training is $25.00 and made payable to VMA earmarked Training.

Lunch will be available at the lodge for purchase.

Robbie Robertson
Virginia Moose Association State Training Coordinator
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (434-607-5726)

You are invited to the Blue Ridge Moose Legion 13th Annual Charity Golf Tournament to benefit Massey Cancer Center of Richmond Virginia. One of the biggest benefactors of the Virginia Moose, other than Mooseheart and Moosehaven, is the Virginia Commonwealth University's Massey Cancer Center in Richmond Virginia. The Blue Ridge Moose Legion invites all Moose members to the VCU Massey Cancer Center Golf Tournament to be held on Saturday, August 18, 2018, at the London Downs Golf Course in Forest, Virginia. The cost of joining will be $280. each group of four players.

We are currently looking for hole sponsors to help in adding prizes for the contest and donations to go to the VCU Massey Cancer Center. To sponsor a hole, please see the link below. We really appreciate any and all help we can get. We hope to see you all for a fun day of golf!

Brothers the latest numbers are in and we are a little short of our 500K goal for Lodges at $468,913.48. For the whole VMA, including Lodges, Moose Legions, WOTM, and the Council of Higher Degrees, we have a total of $572,496.18. I would still like to see the initial pledge come from Lodges only if at all possible. We still have nearly 3/4 of the last year of the allotted period of three years to go so we should be able to finish this project hopefully by the August Convention.

Some Lodges have done an outstanding job on this project so be sure to congratulate them and recognize them at your District Meetings. We have 33 Lodge who have given over 100% of what we asked for, another 12 have met two years, and another 20 who have met at least one year. There are also some who have done a very poor job of contributing and while some lodges may be in trouble there is no excuse for not supporting our seniors at Moosehaven as we all swore to do. Please encourage those lodges who have contributed very little to at least try to show some sign they are trying and together we can get this project over with and on to the next!

Something to note, Moose Charities has begun adding individual member's giving into their Lodge and Chapter totals so some of the totals on this spreadsheet reflect money contributed by individuals to this project.

Thank you for all that you do for our fraternity and keep up the great work!

You and your children are invited to the South Norfolk Moose Kids Easter Party on Saturday, March 31, 2018 starting at 11:00 am and running until 2:00 pm. The lodge asks that you sign up by letting the lodge know you are coming! For more information and something to post on your refrigerator, please click on the flyer link below. We look forward to seeing everyone for a fun time!

There is always something that draws Moose members to an event darts! The Manchester Moose Lodge #699 is hosting a Dart Tournament April 27-29, 2018. And, all Moose members are welcome to come and join in the fun. Entry Forms and Event schedules are attached for download.

  • Deadline for entry is April 15, 2018.
  • Eight ($8) dollar entry fee per event.
  • Entry fees must accompany entry forms.
  • Each player must fill out an entry form.
  • Four (4) person teams can be any combination of lodge or chapters.
  • Make checks payable to Manchester Moose Lodge.
  • Payouts determined by the number of entries.
  • Open to All Moose Members.

POC: Keith Bowles or Mike Stone
(804) 794-4318 or (804) 794-6711

With all the self-affirmation memes and poetic scripts that seem to feature in so many posts on social media, evidence suggests we have certainly reached the age of proclamation. Throughout social media threads, scores of stories with moral attributes provide guided direction for becoming a great leader of influence. There are even online tests to determine one’s social style or leadership skill, which incidentally, leads one to wonder how some remain functional.

All kidding aside, it’s a noble feat to encourage others to contribute and lead by example. The notion serves as an attitude check and keeps the overall goal in focus. Just as a stone skipped across a still pond creates a ripple, actions in our daily lives have the same effect. The ripples created in the pond may span the width of water, moving reeds and debris both above and below the surface. You may not personally witness the change created by the effects of the stone, but trust that the movement occurred.

How many times have you been disgruntled, only to be challenged further by poor customer service or lack of consideration? The scenario can quickly become a snowball effect turning a volatile situation into insurmountable chaos – you know the old, “making a mountain out of a molehill” adage. However, just the opposite can prove true with a positive attitude and charitable heart. A sour situation can be resolved with just the right approach.

The effect does not end there, however. People watch, emulate and remember examples set by others. Think about those who have made an impact in your life, and the reactions you attribute to their leadership. Consider those same mannerisms setting the stage for generations to come, and the impact to those in witness. Ask yourself if you are you spreading attitude, or gratitude?

The founding principle of our Fraternity is compassion; the charitable heart to support family and community. That same principle should hold witness in our approach in and out of our fraternal interactions setting the example of our mission and providing testament to the success found in Mooseheart and Moosehaven. The ripple effect easily leads others to follow in example and becomes a movement to span generations to come. Much like the simple stone in the pond, positive leadership is more than a daily affirmation, it’s a commitment to make a change, both one you may witness and one you may not – with the same result: change.

My name is Leslie Lawson (Buckethead).  I am the chairman of District 7 / VMA Boy Scouts;  We have held a camporee for 29 years at the Covington Moose Lodge and it's grown from 52 scouts to over 850!  The scouts come from all over Virginia.  We've even had troops from West Virginia, Maryland, New York, and Tennesse.

First, I want to thank those who donated last year.  You will be recognized at the camporee in May.  I hope you will continue to help this worthy cause.  We are asking each of you a Moose Lodges, Leagons, and Chapters to try and donate to this worthwhile cause.  After all, these are future Moose members.  Any amount will be helpful.

Last year we had 820 scouts and leaders, the cost was over $9,000.00 to feed that many people.  We feed them Friday night, Saturday Lunch and Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast.  Remember there is strength in unity, for a burden heavy to one is borne lightly by many.

Please give any amount you can afford.  Send checks to the Covington Moose Lodge #610.  The camporee is May 18th, 19th, and 20th.  Come by and watch or lend a hand!

Thanks, Buckethead - District 7/VMA Boy Scouts Chairman

A 23-year-old mother of two, Terri Lynn St.John, was found murdered in Middlesex, County Virginia.  The father and grandfather of two children belong to the Middlesex Moose Lodge.  We are asking all the Lodges, Chapters, and Legions for generous donations.  This will be greatly appreciated by the family.  Let's all show how we can help each other in a time of crisis.  Send donations to the Middlesex Moose Lodge earmarked for the St.John family and children.

Please make checks out to:

  • Middlesex Moose Lodge #2401

Send checks to:

  • Middlesex Moose Lodge #2401
  • attn: Community Service Chairman
  • P.O. Box 411
  • 10876 General Puller Highway
  • Hartfield, VA 23071

Donations Appreciated by March 15, 2018

Thank you,
Pilgram Aubrey Pilkerton
Community Service Chairman
Middlesex Moose Lodge #2401

The new Moose Legion Education Conference is required for all Moose Legion members who want to become Directors of their Moose Legion. However, it is not just for Directors. Anyone interested in learning how their Moose Legion is organized and operates is welcome to attend.


  • Describe how you can support the Mission of the Moose Legion
  • Explain the duties of the Directors
  • Understand the Support Structure of the Moose Legion
  • Identify and use Resources

The MLEC will be held on Saturday, March 31, 2018, at the Waynesboro Moose Lodge. Check-in will start at 8:30 am with class starting at 9:00 am. In order to attend this class, you must register by March 12, 2018.

To register please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include in your email your name, Moose ID Number, Moose Legion, and Moose Legion position. And email address. Cost of training is $25.00 and made payable to Blue Ridge Moose Legion#82 earmarked “MLEC Training”

On February 17, 2018, at the Moose Legion, Winter Celebration in Virginia Beach, Moose International Director General Scott Hart thanked Williamsburg Moose Lodge #757 for their $1,000 donation which will be applied to the reconstruction of the storm-damaged pier at Moosehaven.   The annual event is a gathering of Brother Moose Members who have been chosen to rise to the rank of Moose Legionnaires, and they assemble as a group within their district to be inducted into the rank of Moose Legion members.  The Moose Legion group are known as the doers, the helper bee's of the lodge that makes things happen.  Pictured with Scott Hart is Williamsburg's Administrator, Joe Roney.

Click on photo for larger image.

The Virginia Moose Association Youth Awareness Chairman and WOTM Youth Awareness Coordinators are requesting your presence Saturday, April 21st, 2018 5:30 pm at the

Waynesboro Moose Lodge #1309
481 Hopeman Parkway
Waynesboro, VA 22980

This will be a casual informative gathering of Youth Awareness sponsors, chairman any interested members that would like to learn more about the Virginia Moose Youth Awareness Scholarship Program. We plan to have food, drink, fun, and fellowship. Possibly entertainment. If you can plan to spend the night Waynesboro has several hotels near-by.  Please RSVP by March 24th, 2018.

To: Mannuel (Manny) Propst email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Quality Inn - 640 West Broad Street, 22980, Waynesboro,
  • Days Inn - 2060 Rosser Avenue, 22980, Waynesboro, USA
  • Super 8 - 2045 Rosser Avenue, 22980, Waynesboro, USA
  • Best Western Inn & Suites - 109 Apple Tree Ln Waynesboro, VA 22980

My Brothers,

Similar to the International Karaoke Competition and starting with the lodges, moving to the District competition, and then to the State level to get to the International Competition, we are going to have a VMA Chili Cook-Off to get a winner to send this year to the "Heart of the Community" Moosehaven Chili Cook-off to be held Saturday, November 10, 2018.

Attached are several sheets explaining the competition rules for the VMA State level of competition which emulates the International Chili Society rules used at Moosehaven.  The packet includes flyers for your use if desired or you can create your own flyer to advertise your event.

We want the District Presidents to handle and run the local Lodge competitions. Please send an email to all the Lodges in your district to get them on board to participate and send their winner to a District Competition. Any unit of the Lodge is eligible to participate (e.g. LOOM, WOTM, MLC, and FELLOW) and must be a member in good standing.

If individuals hold multiple memberships, they may participate in their home lodge event and can only be the winner of one District. Lodge winners will then participate in a District competition.

If Lodges do not want to have a Lodge competition then it will be up to the Districts to have a competition to send a winner to the VMA State Chili Cook-off.

On the District level, we recommend that at least 3 gallons of chili be made. The District winners will then go to the VMA State Competition to be held at Lynchburg-South #1727 on September 8, 2018.

The winner of the VMA State Competition will then go to Moosehaven to represent the Virginia Moose Association.

It is up to the District Presidents to use any of the attached sheets and information to assist them and the lodges in their area in running their competition events. It is also up to the lodges and districts if a fee is charged. Of course, it can be an all day event with games, entertainment, etc. The Moosehaven "Heart of the Community" fund raiser for this year is the same as last year - K9sforWarriors. 

The name address, email and phone # of the Team Captain winner along with the names of the other team members of each district needs to be sent to Ken Kennedy, VMA Chili Cook-off Chairman by July 30, 2018.

Ken Kennedy
VMA Chili Cook-Off Chairman
VMA Prelate
Area Coordinator
Districts 8 & 9
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Virginia Moose Association State Chili Cook-Off

Click on Photo above to View Larger Image

A new Moose 2-day LOOM HOTT (Hands-On Technical Training) Class has just opened for Saturday and Sunday, April 14th and 15th 2018, at the Front Royal Moose Lodge 829. This class is for LOOM Officers or members. Members will be taught computer skills necessary for the management and maintenance of lodge functions. The main areas of concentration will include data entry and use of and QuickBooks. The class runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. These will be full days of instruction. Pre-registration is needed and emailed to the trainer at the email address below. The cost for registration is $40.00 and lunch will be available both days. Registration must be completed and received no later than April 6, 2018.

Moose University Training
Official Moose Trainer Important Information:

Cindy Millard
Virginia Moose Association LOOM Trainer
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 540-678-0580

  • Registration forms along with the $40 registration fee needs to be paid the first day of class.
  • All checks should be made payable to the Virginia Moose Association.
  • Registration must be received 3 weeks prior to date of class.
  • Class minimum 5 maximum 8, start time 9:00 a.m., laptops will be provided.

Required Materials For Class - please print your own and bring to class

NOTICE: Any Lodge that would like to sponsor a LOOM Only 2 Day HOTT session are asked to contact VMA LOOM State Trainer Robbie Robertson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any Chapter that would like to sponsor a WOTM Only 2 Day HOTT session are asked to contact VMA WOTM State Trainer Denise Clauson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The classes are on Saturday and Sunday and start at 8:00am and usually finish by 5:00pm.

The Caroline Moose Lodge #2610 hosted again a Cornhole Tournament on Saturday, February 17th, 2018 in Ruther Glen, Va.  We would like to thank everyone that attended and participated. It was a truly amazing time had by all. This Open to the Public Event turned out to be a great way to showcase the Caroline Moose Lodge.

There were 26 teams to start the day in the 1st round and 22 teams in the 2nd round. The Competition was fearsome and smack talk ruled the day. An amazing buffet was prepared by the lodge volunteers like David and Faye Mundie. Volunteers included the Stuarts, Kim Taylor, and Betty Newberry; who ran a very professional event with nothing but praise from all the participants. This has become a highly anticipated yearly public event in the area. Brother Jerry Simpson Chaired the Cornhole Tournament in the name of the Moose Legion. We would also like to thank our Master of Ceremonies Ashley Jacobs for ensuring a hassle-free day of continuous play.

Blind Draw - 1st place: Jordan Camba and Ricky Judd

Bring your own partner - 1st place: Jordan Camba and James Baldwin

Click on photo for larger image.


Attached is the Endowment Report for the period ending 1/31/18. We had 81 lodges reporting for 95.29% Congratulations to Districts 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 13 for having all lodges reporting.

Please contact the following Lodges and find out why their Endowment was not sent in:
District 4: Culpeper 1348 (last report 12/21/17)
District 6: Luray 1413 (last report 12/7/17)
District 11: Roanoke 284 (last report 12/21/17)
District 12: Montgomery Co 1470 (last report 12/28/17)

If you will look at the reporting dates for the lodges in your districts there are still quite a few who are pushing it to the end of the month to send in their collections. Please remind them that the earlier they get them in the better chance of receiving credit on time.

Thank you for all that you do for us and let's keep working to get 100% reporting!

When it comes to celebrating everything great, District 9 is at it again. On Saturday, May 5, 2018, District 9 is holding a Cinco De Mayo celebration honoring all new 2018 – 2019 Loyal Order of Moose and Women of the Moose boards of officers at the Manchester Moose Lodge #699. They are going to have the band “Southland” playing the night from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm. It sounds like a fun time. Light snacks will be included. The price for this event will be $10 in advance and $12 at the door. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Moose Charities. We hope you can make it to this event. For more information, please click on the link below for full details and something for your refrigerator!

When can a Spaghetti Dinner solve some of the worlds problems? When it is held by Virginia’s District 9 and all profits from the dinner go to Special Olympics. Now you ask yourself, how can I go? Easy, the Second Annual Spaghetti Dinner is being held on Saturday, April 14, 2018, at the Manchester Moose Lodge #699 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

To try to top this wonderful event, the lodge will be opening early at 5:00 pm to provide “Safe Surfin Free ID Kits” to all children and parents that wish to participate. On one more thing, it is “Open to the Public”, so please invite all your friends to attend this worthy event. For more information and something to put on your refrigerator click on the link below for all the details!

The V.M.A. Karaoke contest was held on Friday January 19th. 2018 @ 7:00 pm in the Sheraton Ballroom in Norfolk, Va. The participation was fantastic with Nine (9) people competing. They were: Mike Tyson, Shelly Reid, Alex Bedont, Shellie Coe, Chris Williams, Willie Glidden, Kara Clark, Martha Cole, & Jessica Campbell. They all sang one (1) practice song in order listed as above. Then they all sang a First (1st) song to be judged in the same line up order. We took a small break so everyone could stretch a little and then went back to judging a second (2nd) song in the same line up of singers as done before.
The judges were: Judy Calaway, a ''Collegiate" from Hampton Chapter #349 and a music major from “Swiss Music College in Ohio" and past state pianist for the W.O.T.M. in Va., Gary Easter, "Past Governor from Colonial Heights Lodge" and a Karaoke D.J. for over 20 years, Jo Ann Spain, ''Lady in waiting" from Manchester-Richmond #1078, Current State pianist for the W.O.T.M. for the past Five (5) years and "Voice graduate" of East Carolina School of Music. The contest was a very hard contest to judge as there were so many talented people performing. The songs ranged from ''Country to Show tunes to Jazz and Blues and Religious Music". The talent in that room was amazing and enjoyed by everyone. The crowd got a little loud from ''Time to time” (as large crowds tend to get with many conversations at one time) however when asked to ''Please show respect to our singers as they would be representing the state of Va., they “FINALLY” remained quiet and enjoyed the show.
Jim Jordan, (V.M.A. Director of Activities), had all of the music lined up in perfect order with the D.J. and the show went very smooth. All of the contestants were amazing and after a very hard decision, we three judges made our announcement of the winners. First place (1st) was Chris Williams, Second place (2nd) was Alex Bedont, and Third place (3rd) place was Shellie Coe.
This contest was very enjoyable and everyone seemed happy with our decision. It is always a hard job to decide who wins or loses, but in this case all of them were Awesome, Talented and very much professional.
Thank you for your trust in us three (3) judges, we are honored and humbled.

Sincerely, Jo Ann Spain, ….. Judge Co-ordinator

2018 Virginia Moose Association Karaoke Competition Results
Place Name
1st Chris Williams
2nd Alex Bedont
3rd Shellie Coe

Please find below summary of two bills, before the House and Senate of Virginia. Both of these bills would benefit the Association, as well as all other non-profit fraternal organizations!! It is very important that we act quickly on these bills, so that our voices may be heard. Everyone is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to contact their local legislators to voice your support of these two bills, and time is of the essence. Please ask all members of your lodge to join forces, and contact the legislators as well.
If you are unsure as to who your legislators are for your respective area, that information can be found on the Virginia General Assembly website.

HB 1509 Charitable Gaming Board; Texas Hold'em poker events.


Charitable Gaming Board; Texas Hold'em poker events. Allows a qualified organization to conduct Texas Hold'em poker events in conjunction with its charitable gaming activities. The conditions under which a qualified organization may manage, operate or contract with operators of, or conduct Texas Hold'em poker games and tournaments shall be prescribed by the Charitable Gaming Board. The bill provides that the initial regulations adopted by the Charitable Gaming Board pertaining to the conduct of Texas Hold'em events shall be exempt from the requirements of Article 2 (§ 2.2-4006 et seq.) of the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.).

SB 799 Virginia Gaming Commission; established.


Virginia Gaming Commission; regulation of charitable gaming; administration of fantasy contest registrations. Establishes the Virginia Gaming Commission (Commission) and vests the Commission with the control and regulation of charitable gaming in the Commonwealth and the administration of fantasy contest registrations. Currently the control of charitable gaming and the administration of fantasy contest registrations is vested in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the charitable Gaming Board. The bill establishes the Virginia Gaming Fund as a special fund to be used solely for (i) administering and enforcing charitable gaming laws and regulations and fantasy contest registrations, (ii) educating charitable organizations and players, and (iii) promoting charitable gaming in Virginia. The bill also requires the Commission to revise the fees levied by it for issuing charitable gaming permits and supplier registrations, or renewal thereof, so that the fees are sufficient to cover expenses but not excessive. The Commission is required to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Department of State Police to provide for the investigation by the Department of any illegal gaming or gambling activity prohibited by Article 1 (§ 18.2-325 et seq.) of Chapter 8 of Title 18.2.

The Men and Women of the Virginia Moose Association are proud sponsors of 75 students. Thank you to some 20 Lodges and WOTM Chapters (not pictured). The time, effort and financial support has been very welcoming. Without you we (Manny, Kay and now Myssi) this would not be possible. Moose International has granted us 6 student representatives at the International Student Congress April 26th – 30th 2018 held in Boston Massachusetts. There, our 6 students will be competing for the $12,000, $8,000, $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000 International scholarships awarded annually. Each 1 of our 6 representatives will receive a $1,000 Virginia Moose Association scholarship for giving of their time to participate. These students devote many hours preparing to compete. Please continue to support the youth in our communities and invite others to join us. Update to follow.

Click on photo for larger image.

The Board of Officers of the Eastern Virginia Council of Higher Degrees meeting on Saturday, October 28, 2017, set February 11, 2018 to have nominations and election for the Eastern Virginia Higher Degrees. Secretary and Treasures are for 3-year terms.

Meeting will be held at the Warwick Moose Family Center #1711

1711 Warwick Moose Lane
Newport News, VA 23605
(757) 930-1166

Board of Officers Meeting will be at 12:00 pm
Nominations committee meeting at 1:00 pm
General Meeting and Election at 2:00 pm

Meals will be provided for all Easter Virginia Council of Higher Degrees members in good standing.

If you would like to turn your name in for the positions, please see one of the officers or nominating committee members before 1:00 pm on February 11, 2018.

Attracting new members, that’s what we need. Millennials, Baby Boomers, Retirees, PEOPLE – it doesn’t matter how old or young you are – it’s about service to others and commitment to something bigger than us!  It’s great to be a Moose member!

The Supreme Council has approved the extension of our “First Responder” initiative until April 30. The success of this program has been remarkable and we appreciate those who have signed and joined.  Now, we need to make sure that these new members continue serving their community by renewing their dues. What is your lodge doing to make sure that everyone renews their dues? This is only one of a few questions in this article.

What did you do for the Moose last year that made you proud?  How have you helped to spread the word about what we do and the benefits of membership?  If you have to think about it just remember, it’s never too late.

Many of our members don’t know about Mooseheart or Moosehaven, but they can quote the Social Quarters specials without thinking about it.  They may know the raffle jack pot or the list of bands for the summer but can’t tell you about our fraternal programs. Only you can change that!

When I first joined, I didn’t know about District meetings or the state Association or Mooseheart or Moosehaven. I was a “social” member until someone made me familiar and it touched my heart.  I didn’t seek a position on the board- I was asked to serve.  (Thanks, Brother Ron!) I didn’t “volunteer” to sponsor community service or fundraising activities, I was asked.  Now, I’m asking you; will you help?

Last year at a Pilgrim Celebration, a Brother explained that his journey in the Moose started when a member approached him in the Social Quarters and asked him to help.  In his words “the rest is history.”

Today, you can ask Brother Glen to do something and he won’t hesitate. Not because of what it can do for him but he truly believes in the Moose and what we’re all about.  Somebody touched his heart. When asked recently, a young Administrator explained that his fraternalism began with the Moose Legion conferral.  Somebody asked him to become a Moose Legionnaire.  What an awesome contribution he has made.  Something touched his heart. Not long ago at a children’s Christmas party for those in-need, a little girl exclaimed “I’ve never had a bike before” and started to cry tears of joy as she took possession of a bike donated by caring members of the lodge. It touched my heart. These acts define us. This is who we are!

In 2018, ask someone to help with a project. Today, call your Administrator/Senior Regent/Governor and ask what the lodge/chapter needs. Don’t wait to be asked, lead by example and start something! We need you and your ideas. There is POWER in asking. Use your powers for good!  As always remember – “it’s not all about us”!

Each year men and women Moose members from across the nation gather for a convention that celebrates what it means to be a Moose, to explore and teach new ideas, to be entertained, and to vote on new resolutions for the fraternity. It is something that each member should experience. This year is no different.  This year we will be meeting from July 11th through the 15th, 2018.

At this year’s 2018 International Moose Convention, we would like to announce that this year’s Annual League of Guardians Recognition Dinner location is the National WWII Museum! It is an amazing venue. The National WWII Museum tells the story of the American experience in the war that changed the world—why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means today—so that all generations will understand the price of freedom and be inspired by what they learn. For more information, please visit the National WWII Museum official website.

Are you going and looking for places to eat or something fun to do in your free time while in New Orleans for the 2018 International Moose Convention? Check out the official New Orleans Guide to help plan your trip!

For More information on everything about this convention please visit Moose International's Convention portal.  It has information on lodging, entertainment and schedules.

The winner of the 9th Annual Moose International Texas Hold 'Em Poker tournament, 2018, was Dan Wojnarski from Cortland, Ohio Moose Lodge #1012. Dan, and all 846 players (79% LOOM, 21% WOTM) in attendance, enjoyed playing poker with fellow Moose members from all over North America at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  Complete tournament results and links to the live streaming coverage of the final table can be accessed through the “Members Area” of the Moose International website (Activities & Sports/Sports/Texas Hold ‘Em).

Be sure to mark your calendars for next year's tournament, when we will return to the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino on January 13 - 16, 2019!

Entries are now being accepted for the 56th Annual Moose Journalism Awards!  Participants can download entry/informational forms attached or online through the Moose International website under the Communication Resources section, the Heard of Moose? Facebook page, and Official Communications.
The Moose Journalism Awards program seeks to encourage and motivate editors of all Moose publications towards the achievement of consistently high journalistic standards in their newsletters and, through such achievement, to enhance communication and shared information between Moose members and their Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions, Higher Degree Councils, and Associations.
The deadline for website submissions is 4:30pm CST, Friday, February 23rd, 2018The deadline for publication submissions is 4:30 pm CST, Friday, March 2nd, 2018.
Winners of this year's competition will be recognized during the International Moose Convention in New Orleans, LA July 11th-15th, 2018.  Questions about the contest can be directed to Brenda Buschbacher, Executive Editor, in the Moose International Department of Communications at (630) 966-2229.  Good luck to all the participants!

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There are lots of reasons why members become and stay members. Here are a few vignettes on why some members became members for life!
Christopher will soon be deployed as a corporal in the Unites States Marine Corp. Christopher was a student at Mooseheart for 17 years. In the video, he gives his side of being a student at Mooseheart and what it meant to him! Home is where the heart is!
Eric starts this video; he is a teacher at Mooseheart. Eric talks about what a difference all the members of the Moose fraternity makes in the lives of the children at Mooseheart. But wait; there are a few others at Mooseheart that have some words too! The video ends with Kami Kolb who graduated in 2015. Kami is from Lynchburg Virginia.
Are you a new member, thinking of joining, Scott Hart CEO of Mooseheart walks you through all the reasons why members join this great fraternity in this new member orientation video!
Ever wondered what all the fuss is about with Moosehaven? Here is a video with the Executive Director of Moosehaven John Capes describing all the benefits to the members at Moosehaven.

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