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On the second Monday of each month the Hampton Moose Lodge opens its doors and its heart to 90+ Senior Citizens.    These Seniors converge on the Hampton Lodge to play BINGO, but not just any BINGO, they come to play Senior BINGO.   

Senior BINGO is like regular BINGO in many ways, except you must be a Senior Citizen to play and it doesn't cost you a cent, and as a matter of fact we'll even feed you!  Once the doors open the Seniors have time to mingle with each other over coffee.  Winners of the BINGO games receive "Gift Bags" that contain anything from a roll of paper towel, soap, canned food etc.  Items that can help stretch their retirement check.  At half time, it's lunch time.   First is the prayer offering then our small group of volunteers, about 10, shop, cook, prepare, and serve the meals.  Desert is always included!  Our Women of the Moose are very clever in how they decorate the deserts!   Once lunch is over, then the BINGO Manager, announces the monthly birthdays and hands out birthday cards.  Once this is all complete then it's back to round 2 of BINGO!  As for the volunteers, sadly it's time to start the chore of washing dishes!   In case you were wondering, all these Seniors are fed on a budget of just $300.

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