Attached you will find the latest report on the Centennial Project. They broke ground at Moosehaven for this project on Sunday March 5th at Moosehaven! The Virginia Moose Association is well on it's way to completing their $500K part of this project with over $ 351,168.52 (70.23%) collected thus far! All together  the Virginia Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions, Districts, and individuals have contributed over $372,000.00 to this project.

Please thank everyone who has contributed, especially those who have completed their three year total to date on this project. We still have some lodges who have given very little so I would ask you to please help these lodges find a way to at least contribute something. Remember these numbers only go through February 28 and some have given since then, notably Appomattox 975 just sent a check for their $2,835.00 three year total and I'm sure there are others who have given.

I have also attached an Honor Roll showing who has met their various suggested obligations. I want to especially thank those who have vastly exceeded the requests we made with Woodbridge 583 leading at a whopping 427%!! We have 16 Lodges over 100%, 6 Lodges over 66%, and 28 Lodges over 33%. Sadly there are still 11 who have been unable to give anything. Let's see if we can find a way to help them raise a little to contribute!

Brothers thank you for all that you do and let's try to get this project done ahead of schedule by the next Mid-year Conference in January 2018. If we all work together there is no doubt in my mind that we can get it done!

Moosehaven Centennial Project

$ 500,000
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donation thermometer
$ 466,788.19
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Please click to help us keep our promise to the Seniors at Moosehaven. In the Special Instructions field, please enter "Moosehaven Centennial Project" to make sure it is credited to the right account! Thank you for all your support!

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