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It is With Great Sorrow We Must Report That Our Defending Circle Has Been Broken With The Passing Of Pilgrim Brother Gene Roland Robertson Monday, March 5th, 2018 -  May Our Brother Rest In Peace

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Areas of interest in the right hand side of the Member Information area of the website include:
  • Latest LOOM, WOTM, and Legion Membership Metrics
  • Latest Newsletters
  • Latest News
  • Upcoming Events
  How to Submit Your News The How to Submit Your News area is how to submit your Lodge, Chapter, District, Moose Legion Committee news from around the state. Our website needs your help to make it great. Please send in your newsletters, news, and other information. We look forward to hearing from you.
  VMA Merchandise The Virginia Moose Association has a dedicated group of volunteers that help in selling some great paraphernalia and fraternal stuff for the Moose.  If you are looking to show your Moose colors this is the place for you.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please visit Moose International’s website for more merchandise.
  Social Media The Virginia Moose Association has expanded over the years to different social media platforms.  We don’t know what the future will hold, but we will always be investigating new social media platforms as our audience changes.
    Facebook Photos Looking for some fun pictures from a past event or just want to see what we are up to?  Check out our photos on Facebook.  We also post items of interest to our Facebook profile.  Check it out today!  If you like what you see please click on like us!  * Link to external site provided.
  Private Membership Policy "YOU ARE EITHER A MEMBER OR A GUEST!"  We have rules for everything we do within the Moose Fraternity.  If you have any questions, please ask senior members in your lodge or contact Moose International for more guidance.
  On-Line Transactions The Moose Fraternity has many other websites to keep members informed.  Are you wondering how to change your address, what are Member Rewards, how to pay your dues on line?  Check out the different websites under this tab.
    Member Rewards A member can earn points for sponsoring members, attending meetings, holding office, or just renewing your dues. Every member has an opportunity to participate and your points are awarded automatically without any paperwork or submissions. * Link to external site provided.
    My Member Record Have you moved?  Did you change your name?  Do you just want to make sure you have the right address for your Moose International newsletter? * Link to external site provided.
    Pay Dues On-Line To pay your membership dues. It is just that simple. * Link to external site provided.
  How to use this site Welcome to the Virginia Moose Association's website.  This website is built with you in mind.  It now works with your mobile browsers as well as the standard browsers you find on your home Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.
  Find a Lodge This page allows users to find lodges thoughout the nation. We hope you find it useful!


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