All qualifiers earning the Director General’s Sponsors of Distinction will receive free basic registration for the International Moose Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana.  For each level reached thereafter, they will receive all items for the previous levels, plus the new level earned.  For example, a member that reaches the 75 Level will receive Basic Registration fee and also give their spouse/friend Basic Registration for the 2018 International Convention.

Lodge sponsor credits and Moose Legion sponsor credits are separate and cannot be combined to reach each level.

Basic Registration is refunded after the close of the International Moose Convention in the same manner it was purchased.

Award Level Breakdown:
May 1, 2017 tough April 30, 2018
25 Level Basic Registration fee for 2018 International Moose Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana
75 Level Basic Registration fee for guest/spouse 2018 International Moose Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana
100 Level Transportation and 5 Nights Accomodations to the 130th International Moose Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana

 Only one award per person, per level will be recognized.

* This level is based on enrollment credit, not application credit.

Moose International's Annual Membership Campaign

Membership campaigns are created and implemented by the Membership Department at Moose International. Annual Membership Campaigns typically run from May 1 to April 30 and have a unique theme each year.

This year's Annual Membership Campaign is "Moose – Honoring Community Heroes". which runs from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018.

This year's one member award, a ‘Moose – Honoring Community Heroes' lapel pin, should be awarded by each Lodge or Chapter after a member sponsors his/her first candidate during the campaign year. Members attaining membership in the Moose International 5 Club will receive a ‘5 Club' logo static window decal and funds generated by these members will help support the purchase of two new security vehicles for the Mooseheart campus. This award is made possible by your Virginia Moose Association Loyal Order of Moose, Women of the Moose, and your state Moose Legions.

The ongoing success of the Active Military/First Responders membership promotion has encouraged Moose International to not only extend the program past its original deadline, but to add additional categories to the program based on member response.  The original promotion started January 1 of this year and was scheduled to end on April 30. This deadline has now been extended to December 31, 2017. During the original time frame, all fees and dues originating from Moose International were waived for new or re-enrolled active military members and first responders, with the goal of attracting and retaining a younger demographic, many of whom may eventually aspire to leadership positions within the Moose.

From May 1 though December 31, two additional job categories - National Guard members and Border Patrol Officers - will be added to the original list of active military members and first responders.

The original candidates included Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Active Reservists, Law Enforcement (Police), Firefighters (full-time and volunteer), Paramedics, and Emergency Medical Technicians. These categories, along with the two new titles, will have all first-year fees and du es   waived by Moose International, and we continue to encourage lodge, chapters, Moose Legions and Associations to do so as well.As a reminder to administrators and recorders, please indicate your military/first responder candidates in the Admin Menu prior to the end of each month, otherwise they will be billed by Moose International.

Supporting members is something that has always been important to the Moose. So, it is no surprise that our newest Virginia initiative, the "VMA Membership Campaign" program, has drawn so much interest from Loyal Order of Moose members.

The focus of this program is on recognizing the support of members within our state with an emphasis on their ongoing work to sign up quality new members and re-enrollment of great former members. Our new VMA Membership Campaign starts on May 1, 2017 and runs until April 30, 2018. Just pointing out the highlights of this program year's campaign you can receive one year's free dues, earn a "Super Sponsor" shirt, and take part in winning $2,500 in cash prizes. And, District Presidents not to be left out, you can win one year's free membership and be included in the drawings for the $2,500, if you have a plus membership within your district.

For complete information please click on the link below. Good luck and many thanks to everyone that participates!

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