This is the place to look for updates on International and State conventions. If you have not been to a convention yet, it is a place to connect with Moose members from different lodges and states! We invite you to join us at the next convention!

With the Mid-Year Conference, well on its way, the Virginia Moose Association welcomes and announces Moose International's Kim Thompson and the Women of the Moose Guest Speaker as this year's annual VMA Convention official visitors. With all the transformational information coming out about the Moose fraternity, we look forward to hearing about all the great things the Moose has planned for the coming years.  We will be updating this article as updates become available.

If you are looking for hotel room or pre-registration forms information, please visit our website at Virginia Moose Association, Moose Conventions for everything you need to help in planning to attend the conference. If you find something is missing, please contact the Virginia Moose offices as soon as possible for help in finding the information you need. As always, we look forward to seeing everyone for what is turning out to be a great and fun time!

Kim Thompson
Home Unit: Batavia, IL #722
Assistant Director of Membership for Moose International, Inc.

WOTM Guest Speaker
To be determined

If we can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at the VMA office at (434) 237-3006. If you have any problems with the hotel, feel free to contact Ron Watkin at 703-328-0680.

IMPORTANT BOOKING INFORMATION: For each Virginia Moose Association convention and mid-year conference, the Association works with contracting hotels to book blocks of rooms based on prior usage. If you as a member are using online methods or a phone to make reservations and are quoted a higher rate and you accept the higher rate, you are responsible for payment to the hotel. Rates change; it is not responsibility of the Virginia Moose Association to correct these issues. Please use due diligence in booking a room. The posted rates are for a limited time. Please book early to get the best deals!