Leadership training is important for our Lodge, Chapter, and Moose Legion officers. We want you to be successful in all aspects within our fraternity. In this area you will find information on classes, training documents, and important updates. If you have any questions please see our Contact Us area and send us a message.


Welcome to Moose Training! Moose International's small, but dedicated staff, works in conjunction with hundreds of volunteer field Trainers to ensure that Moose Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions, are trained for success. Together, we strive for excellence as we:

  • Develop role-specific instructor-led leadership course ware for Officers, Directors, and Committees
  • Develop virtual training solutions (e.g., online demos and tools) for all target audiences
  • Provide printable resources that supplement our training solutions
  • Support field staff and general membership

Officer's and Committeemen's HandbookOfficer's and Committeemen's Handbook

This handbook is written expressly for Lodge Officers and Committeemen. Who, what and why the Moose? These questions can be answered in the following statement: The Moose is an international organization of men and women, dedicated to caring for young and old, bringing communities closer together and celebrating life. The information in this handbook will help you, as a leader in the Moose, to fully understand your role in bringing this statement to life successfully.

version: 9/2015

Weekly House Committee Envelope - Additional

Additional instructions for filling out the Weekly House Committee Envelope


Weekly House Committee Envelope

Instructions for filling out the Weekly House Committee Envelope

House Committee Basics

Official Administrator's Manual

The "Official Administrators Manual for Moose Lodges" talks about everything an Administrator needs to know from meetings, membership, business reports, finance, Administrator duties, committees, record keeping, and more.  Last update: 02/08/2013

Lodge Officer Duty Comparison Job Aid