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Update from Paula at the VMA Office

I wanted to provide an update on Wes Crowder to ensure everyone has correct and updated information.
He was involved in a single car accident yesterday and is in Lynchburg General Hospital. While yesterday was deemed critical due to some head injury, today he is classified as stable. Although he is pretty banged and bruised up, nothing is broken, nothing requires surgery, and he is expected to make a complete recovery from any accident related injuries and issues. And I do believe he is on the road to recover already, as he is worried about missing a meeting!!!!
On behalf of his family, I thank everyone for the many calls, texts, emails and messages received already, but it is asked that folks refrain from calling his personal cell number, to allow him time to rest and heal. I will post any changes that come about, but in the mean time, keep him in your prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.

Update from Paula at the VMA Office 10-12-2016

Afternoon everyone-Paula here. Update on Wes-things are about the same as yesterday. Anticipating a room move and additional tests today, I did not personally visit, but did speak with him. As anyone would be after that sort of accident, he is very sore and majorly uncomfortable. He is still classified as stable, and still has lots of healing to do!! I have kept a running list of everyone who has contacted me, to provide him with. Many have asked about flowers or gifts-I don't think they are allowed in his current location, but I will be there first thing in the morning and find out for sure then. If you wish to mail cards, you can send them to the office and I will pass them on, or use his home mailing address:

Post Office Box 155
Bedford, VA 24523
And again, please refrain from calling. He will feel obligated to talk when his only obligation now needs to be to resting and healing. Keep the prayers for quick recovery flying!!


Update from Paula at the VMA Office 10-14-2016

Paula speaking. Happy Friday to everyone. Update on the one and only Mr. Crowder. He is still in the hospital, and still classified as stable. Again, all injuries from the accident are healing and will continue to do so. There were some additional health issues discovered upon his admittance, so they are working on making him good as new before he is released-probably because they know they won't get him back in there! And, he would probably make a run for it now if he could!!! AND to say he is NOT happy being there is a great big understatement!!!! We haven't had a visit that some sort of Moose business has not been discussed!!! I will surely, surely let everyone know when he is up to phone calls and visits, but for now, please refrain. Continue the prayers!!!

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