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I have learned that you should listen to those that have more knowledge than you do about how to be successful.  The same goes for your Lodge Moose Legion.  We should be passionate sharing the knowledge of the Moose Legion as much as we are talking about the hobbies we enjoy.

If you had asked me a few years ago what the Moose Legion was I would have replied, “It is a place where members gather once a month for fun and social activities.”  In today’s culture that would have been more right than wrong.  But, we do so much more than just meet as a group.  As Moose Legionnaires, we are the fraternal leaders in our respective Lodges, or are we?

This is where we start the conversation about the makeup and the what and who of the Moose Legion.  Every article or posting should help us provide an opportunity to let our members know what the Moose Legionnaires are doing to help their respective Lodges and communities.  We need to identify “who” is eligible to elevate.  Help them enjoy the journey, and invite them to attend the monthly Moose Legion meeting to see what we do and that the Moose Legion offers many opportunities to serve.

We can’t just “say it” – we must “live it” to make an impact.  We must be attractive to get their attention, we must be authentic to earn their acceptance and we must be accepted to gain their membership and attachment.  We must be willing to “walk the talk” and lead by example as all our members could be an integral part of the Moose Legion.

We are currently in the final month of our current membership year and unfortunately we have seen a loss of membership.  Now is the time to lead by example and solicit the help of all Moose Legionnaires and the Council of Higher Degrees to contact those members in arrears and offer them the opportunity to reactivate their membership.  As the Degree of Service we are the leaders and by doing so, will only help us to grow.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to report in Tampa that we have turned the trend around and have shown membership growth in our Moose Legions.  We need all Moose Legionnaires to make a final effort to get those former members back on the rolls and to show membership growth.

Here is what I hope you walk away with after reading this article; The Moose Legion is a group of people that meets together with a common cause.  We are a group of imperfect people.  Don’t be fooled, there is no perfect person within our Moose Legions.  Just as there are many flavors of ice cream, there are many flavors of members as not all members are alike.  All are wanted, welcome, and needed.  There is not a group of people, meeting as a Moose Legion, who are not in need of something and maybe that something might just be you!

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