This page is a place to find information for District 9. If you are looking for information on meetings, coordinated efforts, and Heart of the Community reports this is your place. If you are looking for district sponsored Moose International Karaoke events, Community Volunteering, and fun sponsored events, please visit our "Inside Virginia – The Herd Blog area"!

Welcome to the Virginia Moose District #9

The Virginia Moose Association's District #9 is a collection of eight area Moose lodges. If you are interested in finding out more about what District 9 does, please contact a member in your lodge today!

Board of Officers

Virginia Moose District #9 Board of Officers for 2017 - 2018
Position Name
President Larry Rothgeb, Sr.
(540) 287-1818
Vice President Ed Gibson, Sr.
(804) 920-4936
Prelate Mark Ross
Secretary/Treasurer Otey Haden
(804) 461-0692
Jr. Past President Charles Carter
(804) 356-2270
Sargent at Arms Aubrey Blevin
(804) 475-2945
Committee Chairpersons
Membership / Retention Larry Rothgeb, Sr.
(540) 287-1818
Government Relations Mike Stone
Activities Roger Burkett
(804) 921-3422
Heart of the Community Rusty Clarke
(804) 241-9472
District Publications Dennis McNamee
(804) 337-7229
Moose Charities Barry Cook
(804) 248-9590
Moose Legion Robert Lee
(434) 473-3324
TIPS Otey Haden
(804) 461-0692
CAPS Bob Titus
(804) 445-4910 (c)
Special Olympics Ed Gibson
(804) 920-4936
Moose Riders Jeff Sutton
(804) 543-6351
Massey Cancer Tim Scarbrough
(804) 247-4111
Youth Awareness Mark Ross Sr.
(540) 603-9791
Safe Surfing Mike Davis
(804) 380-5349

Participating Lodges

District #9 Member Lodges
Manchester Richmond Moose Family Center #699
11110 Trade Rd
Richmond VA. 23236
Chapter #1078
P.O. Box 2658
Midlothian VA. 23113
Admin: Robert Lee
Governor: Mike Stone
(804) 794-4318
Sr. Rgt: Dawn Ehrhardt
Recorder: Judy Kennedy
Tuckahoe Richmond Moose Family Center #1163
4366 Springfield Rd
Glen Allen VA. 23060
Chapter #1282
P.O. Box 2744
Glen Allen VA. 23058
Admin: Glen Stanley
Governor: Thomas Young
(804) 527-1731
Sr. Regent: Terri Mitchell
Recorder: Penny Littell
Richmond Lakeside Moose Family Center #1714
1207 Hilliard Rd
Richmond VA. 23228
Chapter #366
P.O. Box 28182
Richmond VA. 23228
2016 - 2017
Admin: Thomas Rea
Governor: Gerald (Jerry) Nuckols
(804) 266-4193
Sr. Regent: Wendy Brooks
Recorder: Sandra Milburn
Powhatan Moose Family Center #1840
4140 Old Buckingham Rd
Powhatan VA. 23139
Chapter #2258
P.O. Box 651
Powhatan VA. 23139
2016 - 2017
Admin: Stuart Saunders
Governor: William Nixon
(804) 598-2809
Sr. Regent: Lucille Kimball
Recorder: Diane Knupp
Sandston Moose Family Center #1937
4505 Oakley Lane
Richmond VA. 23231
Chapter #569
4505 Oakley Lane
Richmond VA. 23231
2016 - 2017
Admin: Jerry Gwaltney
Gov: Robert Bateman
(804) 222-9910
Sr. Regent: Janette Newell
Recorder: Tina Garrett
Richmond East Moose Family Center #1947
7167 Flag Lane
Mechanicsville VA. 23111
Chapter #1543
P.O. Box 694
Mechanicsville VA. 23111
2016 - 2017
Admin: Bob Blankenship
Gov: Richard Harshman
(804) 730-4938
Sr. Regt: Pat Burton
Recorder: Deborah Moore
Louisa Moose Lodge #2065
349 School Bus Road
Louisa, VA 23093
Chapter #1850
P.O. Box 862
Louisa, VA. 23093
2016 - 2017
Admin: John Gentry
Gov.: William (Rusty) Croson
(540) 894-1646
Sr Regent: Angela Verts
Recorder: Kathernine Ladd
Ashland Moose Family Center #2099
11299 S Washington Hwy
Ashland VA. 23005
Chapter #1252
P.O. Box 75
Ashland VA. 23005
2016 - 2017
Admin.: (Acting) Clifton Baldwin
Governor:Kenneth (Kenny) Richmond
(804) 798-9244
Sr. Regent: Brenda Dickens
Recorder: Sharon Loving
Caroline County #2610
P.O. Box 905
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
Chapter #2316
P.O. Box 411
Ruther Glen, VA. 22546
2016 - 2017
Admin: Walter (Buddy) Bundy
Gov.: Arthur (Art) Griffin
(804) 448-2993
Sr Regent: Eunice Peatross
Recorder: Brenda Griffin

If materials on this page are not shown or are out of date, please contact the District 9 Secretary to have him provide updated materials to the Virginia Moose website. Please see the Contact Us page for directions on how to contact the Virginia Moose Association.

The Moose has different districts all over the state of Virginia. These districts help in the everyday running and distribution of great ideas for our fraternity. We invite all members that wish to contribute more to our fraternity to attend our next district meeting! Below you will find information on District 9 meetings. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

District #9 Meeting Schedule
Date Location/Info
Sunday, October 8 29, 2017 Caroline Moose #2610
Saturday, January 6, 2018 Louisa Moose Lodge #2065
Sunday, April 8, 2018 Sandston Moose Family Center #1937
Sunday, July 29, 2018 Powhatan Moose #1840

All officers meetings start at 11:30 am with the General membership meeting starting at Noon. Lunch will be served after the meetings.

What does your Moose Fraternity mean to you?

Yes, we are an organization who care for the young children at Mooseheart, seniors at Moosehaven, and help local organizations with charitable donations of time and money.  But we are a fraternal unit of men who come together to grow our organization and encourage our members to be successful within our local lodges.

At this time of the year, our lodges form a nominating committee and they start to think about nominations of candidates for the upcoming year's board of officers.  This nominating committee needs to realize that commitment, time, energy, accountability, and dedication to our Moose Fraternity are traits these candidates need to possess.  Some of these positions may be called upon to fulfill additional requirements if another officer is ill or cannot perform their appointed position.  All officers are required to take leadership training classes which are structured to educate the officers on fraternalism and lodge financial operations.   By using and applying this knowledge, they will help "Build our Foundation" of members.

Another very important part of the Moose organization is the Moose Legion Committee.  This committee takes on the leadership role for the lodge as members are asked to join and become Moose Legionnaires.  From this fraternal committee come our potential Fellows and Pilgrims.  Those who have earned these prestige higher degrees need to be the leaders of their lodges giving guidance,  being mentors, and showing encouragement to new members.  Moose Legionnaires are known as the men who get things done while having fun and fellowship.


As we begin our new moose year, it has become apparently clear that our primary focus will be on building our lodges’ membership, and our foundation in order to support the fraternity’s core values.

Now is the time our lodges should be concentrating on doing an inhouse campaign to sponsor new members or re-enroll former members. We need to be pro-active NOW and not wait for the application fee to be waived. This is something we can do! Summer time is when we see our friends at the lake, and other social events. We can make a difference by just talking "Moose" and asking them to join our fraternity. Let’s build on our other campaigns below.

We have been given the tools from Moose International with a campaign called, Moose-Build Our Foundation. There are incentives in place to sign members. Look in your lodges to see all the details.

Virginia Moose Association has three campaigns (VMA Sponsor Membership Campaign, Lodge Retention Campaign, and District Presidents Program) in place to create membership in your lodges. Look for the campaign flyers in your lodges and find out how you can be in the money as it pays to sponsor or re-enroll members.

Contact your lodge administrator, governor, or membership chairman if these are not posted.

Upcoming Events

03/31/2018 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
District 10 at Piney River
04/07/2018 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
ODML Spring Celebration at Dinwiddie
04/08/2018 9:30 am - 1:00 pm
District 5 Meeting at Leesburg
04/08/2018 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
District 4 Meeting at Dale City
04/08/2018 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
District 1 Meeting at South Norfolk
04/08/2018 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
District #11 Meeting at Bassett
04/14/2018 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
District 9 Spaghetti Dinner at Manchester

Moose Membership Application

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