Official Communications from
Moose International
12/30/20 123020 Official Communication; Office closed for holiday; Message from HR; Who is James Davis
12/23/20 122320 Official Communication; MI Offices Closed For Holiday; ML Eligibility Changes; Women of the Moose Info; A Message From MI HR; Custom License Plates
12/22/20 201222 WOTM Official Communication ; Holiday Greetings
12/16/20 201216 Official Communication - A Message From MI Human Resources; 2021 Important Dates & Deadlines; Moose 2020/21 Journalism Now Accepted; Office Depot Program; New Year's Eve Kits – Last Call
12/09/20 122009 Official Communication; A message from Human Resources, Moose Intl; Chapter LCL Web Updates; Plaque
12/08/20 201208 Official Communication - ONE MOOSE Association Bylaws
12/02/20 201202 Official Communication; 2021 MI Bowling Tour CANCELLED; Chapter Meetings/Procedures & Increased COVID Restrictions; Chapter Audit Revisions w/LCLweb; Discounts & Free Gifts
11/25/20 201125 Official Communication - MI Offices Closed For Thanksgiving; Member Retention Week Winners; Ring In The New
11/19/20 WOTM 201119 Official Communication; Financial Reporting; Dispensation for Assn officers;; officers Entry; Life Members; Thanks Giving Greetings
11/18/20 201118 Official Communication; VIRTUAL HOLIDAY LIGHTS 5K RUN/WALK; Liquor Portion Control
11/11/20 201111 Official Communication; Veterans Day, November 11, 2020; Deadline to submit Member Retention Week Forms; Tis The Season For Giving;
11/4/20 201104 Official Communication; Moose Mag Wants To Know; Member Retention Week; Ring In The New Year;
10/29/20 201029 Official Communication; Tommy Moose Discounted for the Holidays
10/28/20 201028 Official Communication; Mbr Ret Wk Nov 1-7-2020; VV Pins & Cert Mailing; 2020-21 Yr Officer Entry; Life Mbrshp Pymts;Missing Docs/Missing Officers Letters; WOTM Virtual Meetings; Liquor Portion Control
10/21/20 201021 - Official Communication; Intl Open House Day – Oct 24th; Open House VS Open to Public; Virtual Holiday Lights 5K Run/Walk for MH Holiday Light Show; Mbr Ret Wk; One Moose Merchandise
10/15/20 201015 Official Communication; Virtual HOLIDAY LIGHTS 5K Run/Walk for MH & 11th Annual Holiday Lights Show; General Governor's Office Issues Blanket Dispensation; Valued Veterans
10/14/20 201014 - Official Communication; Intl Open House Day; Open House VS Open to the Public ; Mbr Ret Wk; Tommay Moose Halloween Bags;
10/7/20 201007 Official Communication; Gen Gov Reminders Upcoming Elections; Intl Activities Seeks Tourn Hosts Bids; Mbr Ret Wk; Custom Memorial Bibles
09/30/20 200930 Official Communication New Member Initiative Ends today; Mbrshp Cards/Mbrshp Renewals; Intl Activities Comm Seeks Tourn Host Bids; What Moose Members Think;Mbr Ret Wk; Tommy Moose Hall Bags
09/23/20 200923 Official Communication; New Mbr Initiative Through Sept 30th; What Moose Mbrs Think; Mbr Ret Wk; Conv Bundle Special
09/16/20 091620 Official Communication; New Mbr Initiative; Short Term Campaign; Posters; Replacement Cards For Mbrs; Mbr Ret Wk; Tommy Moose Halloween Bags
09/09/20 090920 Official Communication; ML Celebration Cancelled; Deadline IRS Form 990; NEW Mbr Initiative Ends 9-30-2020; Working Advantage Provides Add'l Specials; Custom
09/02/20 200902 Official Communication MI Offices Closed; IRS Forms; Moose Volunteer Gear;
08/26/20 200826 Official Communication; Lodge/Chapter/Moose Legion Computer Updates; 020 VV Of The Yr Deadline; New Mbr Initiative;Tx Hold'Em Registration Delayed; Chastain Drives For Moose; Tommy Moose Halloween
08/20/20 200820 Official Communication - Ross Chastain and the Moose No. 10 Car race in NASCAR's Xfinity Series this Weekend
08/19/20 200819 Official Communication
08/12/20 200812 Official Communication: First Qrt HOC Due; Update NASCAR Schedule; 2020 Lodge Chapter VV Of the Yr; Voting Instructions; Fall Mbrshp Wrkshps; VV w/Catalog Sales
08/11/20 200811 Official Communication: Announcing a New Member Benefit
08/10/20 200810 Official Communication; Moose Announces Update to the NASCAR Schedule
08/10/20 200810 Official Communication - Moose/NASCAR Talking Points
08/05/20 200805 Official Communication: Chapters IN-PERSON-Virtual Meetings; Fall Mbrshp Wrkshps; IRS 990; Tommy Moose;
07/31/20 073120 Official Communication - Moose Partners w/Ross Chastain To Pursue NASCAR Success
07/29/20 200729 Official Communication - MH Annonu 2020 Chili Cook Off CANCELLED; MI 2020 Tx Hldm Tourn Regis DELAYED; BBQ Cook-Off Info; 2020 VV Of The Yr Noms & Voting; MRewards Dble Pts; No App Fees; New Officer Entries; Conv Bundle Spec
07/22/20 200722 Official Communication - 2020-21 MOY deadline; Moose Rewards Dble Pts; IRS Forms; Custom Moose Pin, Patches and More
07/15/20 200715 Official Communication; Lodge Safety Insp Due Today; Final Appeals For Premier Lodge Awards; 2020-21 MOY Selection; New Officer Entry Open; MH 2020 Homecoming Cancelled; Entry Mats
07/08/20 200708 Official Communication; Ch Meeting Procedrs; Premier Lodge Award Appeals; 2020-21 MOY; Lodge Safety Inspec Ddline; Dble Moose Rwds Pts; NEW Officer Entries; Message From MI HR; IRS 990;Recog Plaques
07/01/20 200701 Official Communication; MI Offices Will Be Closed; New Mbr NO APP FEES; Prem Lodge Awrd & Leadrship Appeals;2020/21 Prem Lodge Awrd Criteria REVISED; Virtual Conv; WOTM Handbook; Message From MI HR;LIFE Pro Rate Opt; Conv Bundle Special
06/29/20 200629 Official Communication - One Moose a Reality
06/24/20 200624 Official Communication; Virtual Moose Convention – June 25 & 26, 2020; 2020-2021 Moose of the Year Selection (Lodges only); Message from MI HR; Lodge Safety Form; Dble Moose Rewards: Catalog Sales
06/24/20 200623 WOTM Official Communication 20200624; Installation; End Dates; Training; Appointments; Handbooks; C/W of the Year
06/23/20 200622 Virtual Moose Convention Information
06/22/20 200622 Official Communication; register deadline for Virtual Moose Conv Tomorrow; Catalog Sales Virtual Convention Specials
06/17/20 200617 Official Communication; Deadline for VIrtual Moose Conv; VV Cert & Pin Prog Change; Moose Server Fraternal Training Kits; Moose Challenge Coins
06/10/20 200610 - Official Communication - MI Staff Back at Work; LOOM & ML Mbshp Campaign Materials Mailed; WOTM Officer Handbook Mailing; Virtual MI Conv Website Opened; A Message From MC March of Checks; NEW Moose Merch
06/03/20 200603 Official Communication - 2020-2021 Moose of the Year Selection (Lodges only); Lodge Safety Inspection Form; Virtual Moose Conven Web Opens Mon June 1st; Moose Rewards; Custom License Plates
05/29/20 20200529 Official Communication: Virtual Moose Convention Website Opens Monday, June 1
05/20/20 Official Communication: Lodge Reopening Guidelines; WOTM OC Clarification; Double Moose Rewards; MI Office Hours
05/15/20 20200515 WOTM Official Communication; election timeline; AF ring ceremony; 114; chapter policies; training sessions; end dates; CR SR conferral; conv refunds
05/13/20 20200513 Official Communication: Lodge Unemployment Claims Msg from HR Dept; Lodge Election Information; IRS 990 Form; March of Checks
05/12/20 20200512 Official Communication Pandemic Relief Fund Offers Additional Grants
05/07/20 20200507 Official Communication: 20/21 Premier Lodge Award and Leadership Award
05/06/20 20200506 Official Communication: MI Office Hours; March of Checks; Lodge Safety Inspection Form; Fourth Quarter HOC Reports; Online Training
05/01/20 20200501 Youth Awareness Congress Scholarship Winners; Pandemic Relief Fund

04/29/20 20200429 Official Communication: Pandemic Relief Fund; Moose Rewards;Sports Tournaments;WOTM Handbook Mailing;End of Year Checklist
04/22/20 20200422 Official Communication: Pandemic Relief Fund; Convention Refunds; Virtual Convention; Mooseheart Info; EOY Checklist
04/16/20 20200416 WOTM Official Communication; Msg from Grand Chancellor; Reminders incl Year End; 2020 International Conference
04/15/20 20200415 Pilgrim Conferral Cancelled; Info on Premier Lode Award and Sponsor Awards; Double Moose Rewards Points for Training; April Checklist
04/09/20 20200409 Official Communication: SBA Assistance Info; International Convention Updates; Office Hours
04/07/20 20200407 WOTM OC: Message from Grand Chancellor; Reminders and Clarifications; 2020 International Convention
04/03/20 20200403 Official Communication; Update on 2020 International Moose Convention; Covid-19 Grant Program; Dues info
04/01/20 20200401 Official Communication 2020 Proposed General Law Amendments
03/27/20 20200327 Official Communication-Blessing of Bikes; Thanks Moose Riders; Delivery of Membership Cards
03/25/20 20200325 Official Communication COVID-19 Update; Msg from Gen Gov office; Safety Inspection info; Job posting; Safe Surfing Reminder
03/19/20 200319 Official WOTM Communication
03/18/20 200318 Official Communication; A Message from Director General Scott Hart; Updates from the General Governor's Office & MI; Cancelled Moose International Events; Catalog Sales Invenetory
03/16/20 200316 Official Communication; The Moose Fraternity and COVID-19
03/13/20 200313 Official Communication . ... WOTM Moose and the Coronavirus
03/11/20 200311Official Communication; Moose & Coronavirus; MI Steel Tip Dart Tour Regist; 17th Annu Blessing of The Bikes; Promote Online App Lodge/Chapter Websites; Baggos w/Catalog

03/04/20 200304 Official Communication; ML Ritual Comp Call; Final Winter Mbrshp Wkshp; 2020 MI Conve Reg Open; St Patrick Kits
02/26/20 200226 - Official Communication Moose & ML Ritual Comp Call; Winter Mbrshp Wrkshp;A Message From MI HR; Dble Moose Rewards Ddline; Custom Moose Pins Patches & More
02/19/20 201902 Winter membership workshop; Message from HR; Moose rewards; St. Patrick Day party kits
02/05/20 200205 Official Communication; 2019-20 Journ Awrds Ddline ;HOC Ddline;Message From MI HR;MI Tourn Reg Info;2020 Moose Conv Reg Open;COR Session at MH; Got Apps? Winter Wrkshps;Dble MR;Catalog Sales
01/29/20 200129 Official Communication-Promoting Open to the Public Events;Ddlne Web Entries 2019-20 Journ Awards;Winter Mbrshps Wrkshp;Dble Moose Rwrds For Sponsors; St Pat's Party Kits
01/22/20 200122 Official Communication; Mbrs Can Sign Up for Auto Pay; Entries Accepted For 2019-2020 Moose Journ Awards;DBLE Moose Rewards; Moose Literature
01/15/20 Official Communication- Winter membership workshops; Journalism awards; Deadline for website submissions; Custom Memorial Bibles
01/08/20 Official Communication- Winter membership workshops; Journalism awards; Deadline for website submissions; Custom Memorial Bibles
01/02/20 200102 Official Communication - January 1st, 2020 – Effective Date of NO SMOKING/TOBACCO USE RESTRICTION General Law; Custom License Plates
12/31/19 191231 Official Communication - MI Offices Closed For Holiday;NEW DBLE Moose Rewards Begins Jan 2020; Who is James J Davis?
12/18/19 191218 Official Communication - MI Offices Closed For Holidays;2020 Dates & Submissions Deadlines;DBLE Moose Rewards Begins;Custom Moose Pin Patches and More…
12/10/19 20191210 Official communication 2020 Moose Convention Registration, Ring in the New Year
12/4/19 191204 Official Communication; Mbr Retention Week Winners; Intl Activities Comm Tourn Host Bids;Early Ddline Entries for 2019-20 Moose Journ; Catalog Liquor Portion Control
11/27/19 20191127 Official communication offices closed, online registration for 2020 Texas Hold 'Em, New Year's Eve Celebration
11/13/19 191113 Official Communication;One Town Hall Meeting; 2nd Qtr HOC Due;Final Fall Mbrshp Wrkshp;Submit Forms for Mbr Retn Ddline;Ddline Online Reg 2020 MI Tx Hldm;Intl Activ Comm Seeks Hosts; A Message from MI HR;Catalog Sales
11/6/19 191106 Official Communication-One Moose Town Hall Meeting; Mbr Ret Wk; Fall Mbshp Wrkshp;Entries Accepted For the 2019-2020 Moose Journalism Awards *Earlier Deadline; A Message From MI HR; Ring in the New Yr
10/30/19 191030 Official Communication; Reg Deadline TX Hldem; Intl Activities Comm Seeks Tourn; Deadline Mbrshp Wrkshps; Message From MI HR;Mbr Ret Wk; Create Our Future Merch
10/23/19 191023 Official Communication; 2020 MI TX Hldm Online Reg Open Thru Nov 30th;Intl Activ Comitee Seeks Tourn Host Bids; More Opport Mbr Wkshp; U. S Bank Offers Q & A; A Message From MI HR; Mbr Ret Wk; Moose Volun Geer
10/16/19 101619 Official Communication; Today is the Deadline For WY Mbrshp Wrkshp;U.S Bank Offers Q & A Session For Commty Card; A Message From MI HR;Mbr Retnt Wk; Catalog Table Setting Merch
10/10/19 191010 WOTM Official Communication - Honors; AOA Plaques; Missing Docs;New CRC M King; Training
10/9/19 191009 Official Communication; Fall Mbrshp Wrkshp; Entries For Moose Journ Awards Now Accepted; Steps For Lodge Submit Apps For Allheart or ONLINE Entry; Message From MI HR;Mbr Ret Wk; Tommy Moose Hallow Bags
10/2/19 191002 Official Communication-Town Hall Meeting deadline;Fall Mbrshp Wrkshp;MH Holiday Lights;Message From MI HR;Mbr Ret Wk;Catalog Sale Entry Mats
9/25/19 190925 Official Communication-Town Hall Meeting;2020 Tx Holdem Open;Tommy 2.0;MI US Bank CC For ALL FRUS; A Message From MI HR;Mbr Ret Wk;Tommy Moose Hallow Bags
9/23/19 190923 WOTM Official Communication Dispensations, Credit Card, Honors, Town Hall, C/W of Yr
9/18/19 190918 Official Communication-MI US Bank CC for LODGE USE; Ddline for Elgin Fall Wkshp; 4 New Short Term Camp Posters Avail On Website; 2020 MI TX Hldm;Message From MI HR;Mbr Reten Wk; Catalog Sales
9/11/19 190911 Official Communication - Ddline for Richmond E. VA Fall Mbrshp Workshop is Today;IRS 990 Deadline soon; 2020 MI Texas Hold 'em Regis Open;Message From MI HR;Mbr Ret Wk; New Lapel Pins
9/4/19 Official Communication; Mbr Reten Wk, Nov 3 – 9, 2019; A Message From MI HR; Fall Mbshp Wrkshps; IRS 990;Tommy Moose Halloween Bags
8/28/19 190828 Official Communication - MI Offices Will Be Closed; Deadline Submit VV of the Yr; Mbr Ret Wk; Message From MI HR; Fall Mbrshp Workshops;IRS 990 Time; LIFE ProRate Options; Catalog Items
8/21/19 190821 Official Communication; New Assistant General Governor Announced; A Message From HR;Deadline VV Of The Yr;Fall Mbrshp Wrkshp;990 IRS Time; VV Catalog Merch
8/14/19 190814 Official Communication; 1st Qrt HOC Due; Deadline VV Of The Yr Sept 1st;Fall Mbrshp Workshops; Created Our Future Merchandise
8/7/19 190807 Official Communication; 2019-20 Grant Applications Ends FRI; LIFE Pro-Rated Options; Fall Workshops Begin; IRS Form Time; Tommy Moose Halloween Bags
7/31/19 190731 Official Communication; 2019-20 Grant App Ends Aug 9th;2020 MI Tx Hld'Em Reg Open; Message From MI HR; LOOM Literature
7/24/19 190724 - Official Communication - Today is Final Day Appeal for Prem L-Award & Ldrsp Award; 2019-20 Lodge Grant App;Lost & found from Las Vegas Intl Conv; Message From MI HR;Time for IRS 990;Dble Moose Rwd Pts;Plaque w/Catalog
7/17/19 190717 Official Communication; MC Donat Supr Counl Creates Disaster Relief Fund; 2020 Texas Hold 'Em Regi Open;Premr Lodge Awd & Ldrshp Awd appeals;2019-20 Grant Apps;HR Msg; Moose Rew; Bibles
7/16/19 190716 Official Communication; New Electronic Mbrshp Apps Goes Live; Custom Moose Pin, Patches and More
7/10/19 190710 Official Communication - Premier Lodge Award Appeals; 2019-20 Lodge Grant Begins; Mess From HR; IRS 990 time; DBLE Moose Rewards;Create Our Future Merch
7/3/19 190703 Official Communication; MI Closed FRI JULY 5th; 2019-20 MOY Deadline;Prem Lodge Award Appeals;2019-20 Lodge Grant Apps; A Message From MI HR; Moose Rwds Dble Pts;Catalog - Pilgrim Items
6/26/19 190626 Official Communication; A message from MI HR; 2019-20 MOY;Moose Rewards DBLE PTS; Liquor Portion Control;
6/21/19 190621 Official Communication - Checklist for Intl Conv; Catalog Sales' latest releases
6/19/19 191906 Official Communication - MI Conv Packets Mailed; Remember Las Vegas HOC Drive; Message From MI HR; 2019-20 MOY In Admin; DBLE Moose Reward Pts; Moose Volunteer Gear
6/18/19 190618 Official Communication - Passing of Supreme Governor Wife
6/12/19 190612 Official Communication; Las Vegas Credentials MAILED; MI HR Job Opp; 2019-20 MOY;DBL Moose Rewds; Submittin Orient Enrollment Info; HOC Drive Las Vegas; Higher Degree Pens
6/5/19 190605 Official Communication Email - Imprt: Change to 2019-20 Premier Lodge Award Criteria. (Lodges only);DBLE Moose Rewards;2019-20 MOY Sele;Las Vegas HOC Dr;Moose Cruise; Tommy Moose Book Marks
5/29/19 190529 Official Communication; 2019 Moose Conv Pre Reg Open to FRI 5-31-19;Vegas HOC Drive; Finance Change Monthly Billing; Cruises Intl;2019-20 MOY; Custom Bibles.
5/23/19 190523 Official Communication - One Moose" Town Hall Meeting; Plaque
5/23/19 190523 WOTM Official Communication; Chapter Handbooks; 2019-20 Forms; 2019-20 Officers Entries; WOTM 6-Hour Training Sessi; Women of the Moose Custom Degree Rings; Rosie Moose
5/22/19 190522 Official Communication;2019 MI Conv Pre-Reg ddlne May 31, 2019;MI Conv HOC Dr;Proc for Alte Intl Conv;2019-2020 MOY Selection (Lodges only);MI Closed Memorial Day; IRS 990;DBL MRWDS;Entry Mats
5/15/19 190515 Official Communication; 4th Qtr HOC Due Today; Lodge Safety Forms Due Today;Blessing Of The Bikes; Time for IRS 990's; Moose Rewards dble Pts; NEW Officer Entries; Memorial Flags
5/14/19 190514 Official Communication; 2019 Proposed General Law Amendments
5/8/19 190508 Official Communication; Bar Rescue Star MI Conv; 2019 Karaoke Finalists; 2019 MI Conv Pre-Reg ddline 5-31-2019;MConv Proced for Alter;Lodge Finac ddline; HOC;Lodge Safety;Blessing of Bikes; Dinner Items
5/2/19 190502 Official Communication-A Message from MC March of Checks; Lodge & ML Ritual Competition; NEW 2019-2020 Officer Entries; Customized Golf Clubs
5/1/19 190501 Official Communication - 2019-20 Prem Lodge Award Ldership Award for Gov & Admin; Moose Rewards Dble Pts;Lodge Monthly Financial ; 4th Qtr HOC; Lodge Safety Insp; 16th Ann MH Blessing of Bikes; Who is James J Davis
4/30/19 20190430 WOTM OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION Mission on-line payments Forms and Handbooks
4/26/19 WOTM Official Communication for April 26, 2019
4/24/19 192404-Official Communication; MI Mbrshp Camp for 2019-20;End of Yr Cklist; Dble M Rewards Pts for Training;Lodge Safety Insp Forms Due May 15th;16th MH Blessing Of The Bikes;Pilgrim 100th Ann Merch
4/17/19 191704 Official Communication-Supreme Council Extends Lodge Grant Program for 2019-20;Mid-April Checklist;End of Year Checklist;MI Offices Closed FRIDAY APR 19th;Higher Degree Ink Pens
4/10/19 190410 Official Communication - Dble MR Pts April, May, Jun & Jul; April Ck List; LOOM 130th B-Day; 16TH Ann Blessing Of Bikes; MI Pool & Hrseshoe Tour Regis; Message From HR;Moose on a Mission Merch
4/3/19 20190403 Official communication, Moose reward points, Member retention, Checklist, Blessing of bikes, Tournament registration, Human resources, Dinner is served
3/27/19 20190327 Official communication Human resources, Updated insurance manual, Lodge Safety inspection forms, Liquor control
3/20/19 20190320 Official communication, Human resources, Convention registration, Catalog sales
3/13/19 20190313 Official Communication Human resources, Territory Manager employment information and Catalog sales
3/6/19 Official communication Employment opportunity, dispensations, Darts tournament, custom Moose pin, patches and more.
2/27/19 20190227 Official Communication Value Veteran, Journalism awards, Publication deadline, double reward points, St. Patrick's day party kits
2/20/19 190220 Official Communication; 2018-19 Journ Awards Deadline;Moose & ML Ritual Competion Call; Dble Moose Rewards Sponsor Offer Ending; Catalog Moose on a Mission
2/13/19 190213 Official Communication; 3rd Qtr HOC Due; 2018-19 Moose Journ Awards Deadline; Dble Moose Rewards; St Patricks Party Kits
2/6/19 190206 - Official Communication; The 16th Annual MH Blessing Of The Bikes;MI Bowling Tourn Regist Open; MI Steel Tip Darts Tourn Regist Open; Proposals Being Accepted for 2019 Gen Laws Revisions;Dble MRewards - Bibles
1/30/19 190130 Official Communication - 10th Annual MI Tx Hldm Newly Crowned Champion; Entries Now Accepted 2018-19 Moose Journ;Dble Moose Rewards; St Patricks Party Kits
1/23/19 190123 Official Communication; 1,000 Moose Rewards Pts Offered For Entry into Journalism Award; Mbrs Can Sign Up for Auto Pay; Moose Mission
1/16/19 190116 Official Communication - MI Texas Hold 'Em Final Table Almost Here!;2019 Ritual Team entry forms;DBLE Moose Rewards; Entry Mats Catalog Sales
1/9/19 010919 Official Communication - Double Moose Rewards Offered to Sponsors ; Pilgrim 100th Anniversary Merchandise Last Call
1/2/19 190102 Official Communication; Entries Now Being Accepted for the 2018-2019 Moose Journalism Awards!; Double Moose Rewards Offered to Sponsors; Moose Volunteer Gear
12/19/18 181219 - Official Communication; MI Offices Closed - 2019 Important Dates & Deadlines; NEW Dble Moose Rewards Campaign Jan 1 2019; Custom Pins - Catalog
12/12/18 181212 Official Communication - Mbr Ret Wk Winners Announced; Mbrshp Campaign Car Contest Winners Announced; MH Homecoming; 2019 Moose Convention Reg Now Open; Ring in the New Year Catalog Sales
12/5/18 181205 Official Communication; deadline to submit Mbr Ret Wk Forms today; Deadline Final Mbrshp Wrkshp; ACH DEPOSIT DATE INFO; MI Offices Closed For Holidays; Tommy Moose
11/29/18 18112918 Official Communication - A message from MI Human Resources; Recognition Plaques Available from Catalog Sales
11/29/18 181129 Official Communication - Deadline to submit Mbr Ret WK Forms EXTENDED; COR Cap and Gown Orders; Ring in the New Year with Catalog Sales
11/28/18 182811; Official Communication; 2019 Texas Hold'Em Deadline; Deadline for Final Membership Workshop;Entries Accepted for the 2018-2019 Moose Journalism Awards;Moose Posi-Pours Liquor with Catalog
11/21/18 181121 - Official Communication - MI Offices To Close For Thanksgiving Holiday; Submit your Holiday Events to MI via Website; Short Term Campaign Posters Available On Website;Catalog Sales giving away FREE GIFTS While supplies last
11/14/18 181411 Official Communication; Database Upgrade Nov 17th 2018 Affects All MI apps; 2nd Qtr HOC Due THURS; Ddlne Submit Mbr Retention Wk Forms this FRI; Notice To Moose Riders and Units w/Moose; Mess From MI HR;Ddne Mbrshp Wrkshp; Ring in NYear
11/7/18 181107 Official Communication: Mbr Retention Wk ; A Message From HR; Still Time To Participate in Car Contest; Deadline Colorado Fall Membership Workshop is Today; Catalog Sales FREE GIFTS with all qualifying orders
11/1/18 180111Official Communication - Canadian Postal Strike Causes Possible Delays in Mail Delivery; Pilgrim 100th Anniversary Merchandise
10/31/18 181031 Official Communication - Deadline for Sylvania, OH Workshop; Member Retention Week Begins Sunday! ; Only 35 Days Left Till the Deadline for Texas Hold 'Em ; Catalog .... Valued Veterans
10/24/18 181024 Official Communication; Intl Activi Committee Seeks Tournament Hosts Bids; 2018-19 Moose Journalism Awards;Ddlne Fall Mbrshp Wrkshp Today; Intl Open House; Mbr Ret Week; NEW Yr Catalog Sales
10/17/18 181017 Official Communication; Ddline Fall Mbrshp Workshop; MI 2019 TX Hold'Em Open; Message From MI HR; Car Campaign Contest; MH Holiday Lights; Intl Open House; Mbr Reten Wk; Tommy Moose Halloween Bags
10/10/18 181010 Official Communication - Deadline for Chehalis FALL Wrkshp; Deadline to Reg ML FUN Wkend; Message From HR; Intl Open House; Open House VS Open to Public; VV Pins Certi; Moose Ride 4 Kids; Mbr Ret Wk; Catalog Sales
10/9/18 WOTM OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION - 180910 Official Communication - Spam Email; No Make Up Sessions; Award Of Achievement Plaques; Notifying Accepted Members; Processing Applications; Tommy Moose Halloween Bags
10/3/18 181003 - Official Communication; Fall Mbrshp Wrkshp; ML FUN Wkend; 2019 MI Intl Texas Hold'Em Reg Open; Mbrshp Car Contest; Intl Open House; MH Holiday Lights; Mbr Ret Week; Shop Moose ...... Who Is James J Davis?

9/26/18 180926 Official Communication; Deadline Fall Golf Tourn; Field Staff adds 4 TM; Instructions for Lodges submitting applications to Allheart; Mbr Retention Week; Tommy Moose Halloween Bags;
9/24/18 WOTM OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION - 180924 Official Communication - Allheart Apps ;Missing Letters; Honors: AOA; Open House & Member Retention Week
9/19/18 180919 Official Communication; Deadline Fall 2018 Intl Golf Tourn; ML FUN Wkend; All NEW Mbshp Campaign Contest; Intl Open House; Mbr Ret Week; Shop Moose Valued Veterans
9/12/18 180912 Official Communication - IRS 990 Deadline; 2 Wk Deadline Fall Intl Golf Tourn; Intl Open House; Mbr Retention Week; Tommy Moose Halloween Bags
9/5/18 180905 - Official Communication; Ddline Fall Mbrshp Wkshp Today; Field Staff adds 4 TM's;Reg Accepted Fall 2018 Intl Golf Tourn;Reg 2019 Intl Texas Hold 'Em Tourn Open Thru Dec 3 2018; Intl Open House;IRS 990;Mbr Ret;Catalog
8/29/18 180829 Official Communication - Intl Open House Day – October 27th; VV Of The Year Deadline; First Fall Membership Workshop Deadline; Time For IRS;Attention MH Sports Fans
8/27/18 180827 Official Communication - Membership Car Contest
8/22/18 20182208 Official Communication Moose Legion fun weekend, Fall Workshops, Lodge orientation, Member retention week, Halloween bags
8/15/18 180815 Official Communication - International Open House Day October 27th; Fall Membership Workshops Begin; Moose Volunteer Gear
8/14/18 180814 Official Communication - Deadline for 1st Qtr HOC Due 8-15-18; 2018-19 Supreme Counc Grant Prog Open Until Aug 17th; Message From HR; VV Deadline; Campaign Car Contest; IRS 990; Liquor Port Control
8/8/18 180808 Official Communication - All New - Membership Campaign Car Contest!; Message From HR; 2018-19 Supreme Council Grant Program; Moose On A Mission Merchandise
8/1/18 180801 Official Communication - Lodge Orientation/Enrollment Info; ML FUN wkend In OK; IRS Forms; Message From MI HR; Higher Degree Pins
7/25/18 180725 Official Communication - 2019 MI TX Hold'Em Tourn Regis Open; Message From HR; New Orleans Conv Lost & Found Items; Premier Lodge Award & Ldershp Awards Accepted; 2018-19 Supreme Coun Grant Prog App Open; Catalog Sales
7/18/18 180718 Official Communication; 2018-19 Supreme Council Grnt Prog App Begins Today;Premier Lodge Award & Ldrship Award appeals now accepted; Message From HR; 2018 Karaoke Winner; VV Of the YR On Website
7/3/18 180703 Official Communication - Message From HR; MI Offices Closed; Custom Bibles
6/29/18 180629 Official Communication - Checklist for International Convention - Catalog Sales
6/27/18 160627 Official Communication; Convention Packet Mailed; Message From MI HR; 2018-19 MOY Deadline MON July 2nd (lodges ONLY); Plaque
6/20/18 180620 Official Communication; A message from HR MI; Moose Riders; 2018/19 MOY Selection Open (lodges only) Moose Volunteer Gear;
6/13/18 180613 Official Communication - Message From HR - 2019-19 MOY Open (LODGES ONLY) - Tommy Moose Bookmarks
6/6/18 180606 Official Communication 2018 MI Conv Pre Reg; 2018 MC March of Cks; Prep New Orleans HOC Drives; Lodge Ritual Comp; Message From HR;Lodge Orient/Enroll Info; 2018-19 MOY; Dbl MR Pts; Pilg Degree
5/30/18 180530 Official Communication; message from MI HR;2018-19 MOY Selection LODGES ONLY Opens; Catalog Sales
5/24/18 CHAPTER - 180524 Official Communication - Handbooks: Audit Form; Officer Entry; Cmte Mtgs; Training Sessions: Hurricane Fund
5/23/18 180523 Official Communication; Lodge Only Dues Increase For Aug 2018; 2018-19 MOY Selection; IRS Forms; Ddlne Regist Pool & Hrsho Tourn; 2018 MI Conv; MI Offices Closed
5/16/18 180516 Official Communication - Supreme Council Extends Lodge Grant Program For A 2nd Year; Higher Degree Ink Pens
5/15/18 180515 Official Communication; Lodge Safety Form & 4th Qtr HOC Due Today; New Officer's Need to be Entered for the 2018-19 Yr; Catalog Sales - Entry Mats
5/9/18 180508 Official Communication; Field Staff Adds 2 TMs ; Lodge Monthly deadline; Lodge Safety Due; 4th Qtr HOC Due; 2018 MI Conv Pre Reg Open; Proc Altern at Intl Conv
5/2/18B WOTM - 180502 Official Communication - MOOSE ON A MISSION
5/2/18A 2018-2019 Premier Lodge Award and Leadership Award for Governor and Administrator
5/2/18 050218 Official Communication - Lodge Mthly Finance Report dedlin - Safety Inspe Forms Due -4th Qtr HOC Reports Due; Lodge Ritual Comp;New Officer Entry Now Open;Catalog Sales;Dble Moose Rewards Points for Training
5/1/18 180501 Official Communication from Moose Charities - March Of Checks; a message from MC
4/25/18 180425 Official Communication - End of Yr Cklist; First Resp/Act Mil Prog Ends April 30, 2018;A New Year A New Beginning; 2018 VV of the Yr Opens;Last Chance to Honor Comm Heroes
4/18/18 180418 Official Communication - Mid-April Chklist; End of Yr Chklist; Mbrshp Field Staff adds 3 Territory Managers;First Resp Active MiL Prom Ends - Lodge Saftey Forms Due;Moose Rew Pts for Trnig;Dinner Vol Apprec
4/4/18 180404-Official Communication:Dble MReward Pts for Trainig; EARLY April Checklist; Last Chance Honor Comm Heroes
3/28/18 180328 -Official Communication - MI Offices Closed; Intl Activities Committee Seeks Tourn Host Bids; Summer is coming…….
3/20/18 180320 Official Communication Email - Message From Grand Chancellor - Missing Documents; 2018 New Orleans; College Of Regents; Rosie Moose Is Back
3/16/18 180316 Official Communication - Rosie Moose is BACK!!!
3/7/18 180307 Official Communication - Suspicious E-mail Alert; A message from MI HR; Intl Bowling Tourn Deadline;HOC Scholar Updates; Recog Plaques Catalog Sales
3/1/18 Official Communication from Moose Charities
2/28/18 180228- Official Communication; HR Message; 2017-18 Moose Journ Awards; 2018 Regi Forms Darts & Bowling Avail Online; Accepting Bids to Host 2020-21 Intl Tourn; Catalog
2/21/18 180221- Official Communication; HR Message; 2017-18 Moose Journ Awards; 2018 Regi Forms Darts & Bowling Avail Online; Accepting Bids to Host 2020-21 Intl Tourn; Catalog
2/14/18 180214 Official Communication - Ddline for 3rd Qtr HOC; MC Endmnt Fund ; MI Human Resources;2017-2018 Journ Awards; Dble M Rewards Ending Soon; MI offices Closed; St Pats Catalog
2/7/18 180207 Official Communication; 3rd Qtr HOC Deadline;Message From MI Human Resources;2017-2018 Moose Journ Deadline
1/31/18 180131 Official Communication - Mbr Can Sign Up For Auto Pay; Message from MI HR;DBLE Moose Rewards Begins 1-2018 thru 2-28-18;DBLE Moose Rewards to Sponors; Comm Heroe Pins; Lapel Pins
1/24/18 170124 - Official Communication - A message from Human Resources;2017-18 MI Journ Awards Ddlne;New Champion Texas Hold 'Em; Custom Pins, Patches & More
1/17/18 180117 Official Communication - Final Table 2018 MI Texas Hold 'Em Tournament is Almost Here - Active Military/First Responders Promo Extended thru April 30th! Dble Moose Rewards began January 1, 2018; Attn MH Sports Fans
1/16/18 180116 Official Communication - A message from Human Resources, MI Field Employment Opportunities
1/10/18 011018 Official Communication - Live Streaming 2018 Texas Hold 'Em Final Table; 2018 MI Conv Reg & Housing Open; 2017-18 MI Jour Awards Open;Valued Veterans
1/3/18 180103 Official Communication - Active Military/First Responders Promo Extended; New Dble Moose Rewards campaign; Dble Moose Rewards Offered to Sponsors; Custom Bibles

12/20/17 171220 Official Communication - Active MiL/First Resp Prom Extended thru Apr 30th -New Dble Moose Rwds camp begins Jan 1, 2018;MI Offices Closed; Plaque
12/13/17 171213 Official Communication; 2018 MI Conv Reg & Housing Open; 2018 *Important Dates & Deadlines;Moose Gift Ideas; 2017-18 Moose Journ Open; MI Offices Closed;New Yr Cat Sales
12/6/17 171206 Official Communication- Moose International Offices Closed For Holidays; Tis the season for giving
12/4/17 171204 Official Communication; Deadline To Register Online For The 2018 International Moose Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament Is TONIGHT
11/29/17 171129 Official Communication; Mbr Retention Wk Winner; Deadline Online 2018 TX HoldEm For Registration; NEW Year Catalog Sales
11/22/17 20171122 Official communication Offices closed, deadline for Texas hold 'Em, Campaign posters and Tommy Moose
11/15/17 171115 Official Comm; EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - Cease Sp Olympics Donations to MC; 2nd QTR HOC Deadline TODAY; Mbr Ret Ddlne This Wk; 2017-18 Moose Journ Awards Open;Catalog Sales
11/13/17 171113 - Official Communication; Moose International Field Employment Opportunity - Territory Manager for the North East Region I Territory No. 8: New Jersey and New York City
11/8/17 171108 Official Communication; Mbr Ret Wk;Moose Magazine on Mobile Devices; Deadline for 2nd Qtr HOC;Remember VV's
11/1/17 171101 - Official Communication - Mbr Ret Week Begins SUNDAY for ALL FRUS; Important Changes To MC for LODGES ONLY; 2nd Qtr HOC Deadline; Catalog Sales Free Gift Give Away.
10/25/17 171025 Official Communication; Mbr Reten WK; 2017-18 MI Karaoke Contest Underway; Catalog Sales
10/18/17 171018 - Official Communication - VV Pins & Certs To Arrive;Mbr Reten WK; Custom Moose Pin Patches & More...
10/11/17 171011 Official Communication; Mess from New Director of Mbrshp Mike Rios;Fall Mbrshp Wrkshps Deadline;2017-18 Moose Journ Awards; Lodge Safety Forms DUE 5-2018; Cert Of Ins

10/4/17 171004 Official Communication - Fall Wrkshps Deadline;MH Holiday Lights;Online Reg for 2018 Intl TX HldEm Open Thru Dec 4 2017; Mbr Retention WK
9/27/17 170927 Official Communication: Deadline Self Iden VV; Early Bird Tx Hld Em Reg Deadline; 2017-18 MI Karaoke Now Underway; Fall Mbrshp wkshps; Mbr Ret Wk; Catalog Sales
9/20/17 172009 Official Communication-Natural Disaster Relief/Emergency Repairs; Fall Mbrshp Wrkshps; Mbr Ret Wk;Regist For Fall 2017 Golf Tourn SC; VV products Catalog;
9/14/17 WOTM - 171409 - Hurricane Repair Fund, AOA Plaque, Rewards Points, C/w of the Year, Reg. Fees, Medallions
9/13/17 20170913 Official Communication Moosehaven update, Florida lodges update
9/13/17 20170913 Official communication 990, Fall workshops, Member retention week, Moose journalism deadlines, Lodge safety inspection form, Sports fans
9/6/17 170906 Official Communication-It's IRS Form 990 Time!;Reg Still Being Accepted Fall 2017 Golf Tourn;Online Reg 2018 Texas Hold Em; Fall Workshops;Plaques Available from Catalog Sales
8/31/17 170831 Official Communication-Deadline Submit VV Of The Yr In Admin; MI Offices Closed MONDAY; Mbr Ret Week; Tommy Moose Halloween Bags.

8/30/17 170830 Official Communication- Hurricane Relief
8/23/17 170823 Official Communication - Moose Gen Laws Amendments; Deadline VV Of the Yr; IRS 990's; Still Accepted for Fall 2017 MI Golf SC; 2018 Texas Hold 'Em Online Open; Fall Wkshps; Who is James Davis?
8/16/17 170816 Official Communication-Deadline to submit VV Of the Yr; It's IRS Form 990 Time; Fall Membership Workshops;Mbr Ret Week; New Mbr Lapel Pins;
8/9/17 170809 Official Communication- Deadline Lodge Grant Program; Deadline;First Fall Membership Workshop; Custom Memorial Bibles
8/8/17 20170808 Official communication Deadline for Grant program, Fall membership workshop & Heart of the community.
8/2/17 170802 Official Communication; deadline 1st Qtr HOC; Supreme Coun Lodge Grant Prog; FALL Mbrshp Workshops;Comm Sve Projects;
7/27/17 170727 Official Communication: Reg Fall 2017 Golf Tourn; Online Reg 2018 Intl Tx Hold Em Open;
7/26/17 170726 Official Communication; Last day to Submit Appeals Prem Lodge Awards;Supreme Council Lodge Grant Prog Entry Open;Fall Mbrshp Workshops; Gift Store
7/19/17 170719 Official Communication: Fall Mbrshp Wrkshps;Premier Lodge Award & Leadership Award Appeals; Supreme Coun Lodge Grant Pro;Honoring Cmty Heroes Merch
7/14/17 REGIONAL MANAGER MESSAGE- Update to Moose International Website - Lodge Locator - Smoke Free Lodges
7/12/17 170712 Official Communication; Regis Deadline 2017 Intl Golf Tourn;Premier Lodge Award Accepted NOW;Supreme Council Grant Prog Open Aug 9th; MI Field Empl Oppor; Cert of Ins; Catalog Sales
7/11/17 170711 - Introducing Lodgic Everyday Community!
7/5/17 20170705 Official communication Registration deadline for International moose Golf tournament in Tulsa, Moose of the year deadline, Premier lodge award & Leadership award appeals, Grant program
6/28/17 172806 Official Communication -MI Field Employ Opports; MI Offices Closed; IMPT Notice from FINANCE; 2017-18 MOY Dedlne; Supr Counc Exts Grt Prog;Risk Prog Restruc; LIVE Karaoke Finals; Golf Tour deadl; File 990
6/27/17 Ready for Convention?
6/23/17 20170623 Official communication special discounts for members attending convention
6/22/17 170622 Official Communication;Karaoke Finals Live Stream;2017 Intl' Golf Tour Reg Deadline Extended; MI Conv Gift Store;
6/21/17 170621 Official Communication - Checklist for International Convention
6/14/17 170614 Official Communication; Ddlne Reg Int'l Horseshoe Tour: Imp Changes For FIRST Renewals;Collecting Donations for Tampa's Children? HOC Table Settings With Cat

6/7/17 170607 Official Communication- MI Conv packet mailed;IRS Form 990 Time!;2017-18 MOY Open;FRUS Collecting Child in need for Tampa;March of Cks; Procedure for ALt at Conv; Moose Volunteer Gear;
6/5/17 170605 Official Communication; Important Changes to First Year Renewal Notices; 2016-17 Intl Karaoke Final 12;Tommy Moose Bookmarks
5/31/17 170531 Official Communication; Reg Ddlne MI Pool & HShoe Tour;Risk Ins Updtd ; 2017-18 MOY enter JUNE 1st; 2017 Prop Gen Laws; Supreme Coun Ext Grant Prog;Proc Alter at MI Conv;DBL Moose Rewards; Mbr Lapel Pins
5/24/17 170524 Official Communication; Important Info from Moose Intl IS Dept; Supreme Coun Extends Lodge Grant Prog;MI Conv Pre-Reg ENDS THIS FRIDAY 5-26-17; MC Mar of Cks; MI Offices Will Be Closed; LOOM Literture
5/17/17 170517 Official Communication - Exted the Regist Ddline for MI Conv; Mbrs Will Be HOC Again At MI Conv;Proc for Altes at MI Conv; Officer Entries; 2017-18 MOY;Moose Rewards DBL PTS; Liquor Port Contr
5/17/17 170517-Official Communication - 2017 Proposed General Law Changes

5/12/17 170512 Official Communication - Mbrship Campaign Clarifications;Honoring Community Heroes & First Responder/Active Military Membership Promotion

5/10/17 170510 Official Communication -Procedure for Alternates at Intl Conv; MC March of Checks; Moose Valued Vet of the Yr Info; 2017-2018 NEW Officer Entry; Catalog Sales
5/3/17 17053 Official Communication - MH needs your help!; Officer Entry Now Open; New Mbrshp Campaign Began May 1st; A New Yr A Fresh Look; Important Notice for Risk Manage
5/3/17 170503 Official Communication - 2017-2018 Premier Lodge Award and Leadership Award for Gov & Admin
4/28/17 172804 Official Communication: Yr End REMINDERS! 4-30-17 Exp Date ARE Count'd Active For Yr End; Verify ALL Apps Accepted, Enrolled & Trans'd;Online Pymts; MI Staff NOT AVAIL Sat & Sun
4/26/17 170426 Official Communication - End of Year Checklist; Online Dues Pymts; Verify Apps Accepted Status has been ENROLLED & TRANSMITED; MI Staff NOT AVAIL SAT OR SUN; Time is running out to Raise The Roof

4/19/17 170419 Official Communication - 1st Respon Promo EXTENDED & EXPANDED;Early April Ck List;End Of Yr Ck List; MC March of CKS At Tampa Conv; Moose Rewds For Training
4/12/17 170412 Official Communication-Today's Our B-Day; Early April Checklist; End of Year Checklist; Dble Moose Rewards For Training; MI Offices Closed Fri April 14th;Last chance to Raise the Roof
4/5/17 170405 Official Communication; NEW CHANGES For End of Year Instructions; Blanket Dispen to ALL FRUS;Appliations also in Spanish;NEW Moose Yr NEW Moose Boards;
4/3/17 170403 - Official Communication - Employment Opportunities from Human Resources - Operations Manager – Company Store

 -Cape Coral, Fla
3/29/17 170329 Official Communication-Lodge Safety Insp Form DUE APRIL 1, 2017; Inaugural "Intl Wk of Svc; Honor Our Community Heroes Camp Runs until April 30th; Baggo Sets Avail
3/27/17 172703 Official Communication: MI Employment Opportunities from Human Resources
3/24/17 170324 Official Communication; Valued Vet Pins & Certs Shipped;

3/22/17 170322 Official Communication;2017 Intl Bowling & Darts Tourn Regis deadlines; Inaugural Intl Wk of Svce;Lodge Safety Entered ONLY in Admin & Due 4-1-17;Spring Cleanup! Catalog Sale
3/15/17 170315 Official Communication; Inaugural Intl Wk of Svc March 25-31, 2017; 2017 Int'l Darts & 2017 Intl Bowling Tourn Regis Deadline Next wk; Recognition Plaques Avail from Cat

3/8/17 170308 Official Communication; ACH Recvble Pymt Now in Admin; Inaugural Intl Wk of Svce;Deadline 2016-17 Journalism Awards;FIRST RESP Camp Ends 4-30-17;FRU Inspec Submit Admin ONLY;NEW Valued Vet Poster;

2/27/17 170207 Official Communication - VALUED VETERANS SELF Identification Ddlne for Spring Recog Cerm; Journ Entries Ddline Extended;Catalog
2/22/17 170222 Official Communication; 2016-17 MI Journ Awards Subm this FRI; Moose Rewards Dble PTS ENDS FEB 28th; 2017 MI Bowl & Darts Reg Deadline;2017 Import Karaoke dates subm winners

2/15/17 170215 Official Communication; Deadline 3rd Qtr HOC FEB 15th; MI Offices Closed FEB 20th;Safety Form DUE April 1st;2016-17 Moose Journ Awards Subm FEB 24th;MR DBLE PTS To End; Catalog
2/8/17 170208 Official Communication;All New Mbr Ret Kit;Qualfd 25 Club gets pref seating '17 Intl Tampa Conv; 3rd Qtr HOC Due 2-15-17;MC Endow Prog;Reg Forms '17 MI Darts & Bowling on web;accpt Bids Host 2018-'19 sports tourn;Dble Rew Ends
2/1/17 170201 Official Communication-Valued Veterans Program;Lodge Safety Entered In Admin due 4-1-2017; 2016-17 Journalism Awards Open; DBL Moose Rewards To End; Catalog Sales
1/27/17 170127 Official Communication-ways to help become a sponsor; All New -Member Retention Kit;Have you properly entered eligible new members for Active Milit/First Resp?

1/25/17 170125 Official Communication - Moose International Office Hours Changing;Moose Rewards;MI Conv Regis & Housing in Tampa Open;Short Term Camp Posters Avail on Website;create own Lodge Chapter lapel pin

1/18/17 170118 Official Communication;UPDATED Report Deadlines;TX Hold'em Winner;HR message;NEW Campaign; Honor Com Heros;DBLE Moose Rewards;Journ Open;Cat Sales
1/11/17 170111 Official Communication-Texas Hold'Em LIVE Streaming;NEW Short Term Campa;NEW Dble Moose Rewards Begins;2016-17 Moose Journ Awards Open;Catalog Sales
1/4/17 170104 - Official Communication; A message from MI Human Resources;New Short-Term Mbrshp Campaign Begins Jan 2017;Honor Our Comunty Heroes;New Dble Moose Rewards Camp;Bibles w/Cat
12/28/16 161228 Official communication Honor our community heroes: Double Moose rewards points: Submission deadlines: Holiday hours
12/22/16 WOTM - 121622 Official Communication - Alternate Fax Number For WOTM; Office Closure, Christmas Greeting
12/21/16 161221 Official Communication: NEW Short Term Mbrshp *Campaign To Be announced; MI Offices Closed For Holidays; Moose Gift Certificates; Catalog
12/14/16 161214 Official Communication-Mbr Reten Wk Winners;2016-17 Moose Journalism Awards Open;MI HOLIDAY DATES CLOSED;A Moose Perfect Gift!;NYEve Supplies
12/7/16 161207 Official Communication-MI Offices Closed For HOLIDAYS; Regist Housing MI Conven In Tampa Open Mon DEC 12th; Lodge Hosting Karaoke? Catalog
11/30/16 161130 Official Communication-Online Regist Deadline 2017 Intl Texas Hold 'Em Is This Friday; Catalog Sales
11/23/16 111623 Official Communication - Important information from the Legal Department;
11/22/16 161122 Official Communication - Dues Pymt To LockBox; Short Term Campaign Posters; Online Reg 2017 TX Hold'em Open; MI Offices Closed; NEW Items Cat
11/21/16 112116 Official Communication - NEW Moose Exper; NEW Red Stole Design;Higher Degree Call Cards;Fundraising Dispen;Forms & Donations;Catalog
11/18/16 161118 Official Communication- Member Retention Week Survey Forms DUE; Catalog Sales
11/16/16 161116-Official Communication - New Moose Experience
11/14/16 161114 Official Communication-DEADLINES; 2nd Qtr HOC; Mbr Retention Activity Forms; Online Registration 2017 Texas Hold'Em Poker Tourn; Catalog Sales
11/9/16 161109 Official Communication-Member Retention Week; Deadline for 2nd Qtr HOC; 2016-2017 Moose Journ Awards Open; Holidays Coming Tommy Moose
11/8/16 161108 Official Communication-Guidelines For Proper Recognitions On Your Contributions To MC
11/2/16 Official communication member retention
10/26/16 161026 Official Communication Mbr Retention - Online Reg 2017 Intl Texas Hold'em Open;FINAL Mbrshp Workshop;Deadline For 2nd Qtr HOC;Catalog Sales
10/19/16 161019 Official Communication - Mbr Retention Week;Online Reg 2017 Tx Hold 'Em; Final Reg Mbrshp Workshp; Host your 2016-17 Karaoke Contest;Halloween Bags

10/12/16 161012 Official Communication- Mbr Reten Wk;Online Regis 2017 Tx Holdem Open;FINAL Reg Mbrshp WrkShp On SAT;Host 2016-17 Karaoke Contest; Earmark Donation Cks Properly;Cat Sales


161005 Official Communication-Mbr Ret Wk;OCT 10th Deadline Partic Fall INTL Golf Tour;Online TX Hold'Em Open;MC message;Final Reg Mbrshp Workshp;2016-17 Journa Open; Hallow Cat

9/28/16 160928 Official Communication-Lodge Safety DUE SAT; MC Info All FRUS; Moose Riders Presdt's Info Needed; 2017 Texas Hold 'Em *ONLINE Reg NOW OPEN; Reg Mbshp Wrksp SAT
9/21/16 160921 Official Communication - Lodge Safety Form Due;Regional Workshop This Saturday; 2016 Fall Intl Golf Tourn in SC; Halloween Catalog Sales
9/14/16 160914 Official Communication- IRS 990 Deadline; Lodge Safety Due; Regional Mbshp Wrkshp Next Saturday; Journ Award Open;Catalog Sales
9/8/16 160908 Official Communication - MC NEW Option Create Donation Page; 2016-17 MI Karaoke Contest Underway-NEW RULE CHANGE; Catalog Sales Lapel Pins

9/7/16 160907 Official Communication - Member Retention Week - IRS Form 990 Time; Lodge Safety Insp Form Due; Fall 2016 Intl Golf Tourn; Regional Mbrshp Wrkshp;Halloween Cat
9/2/16 160902 - Official Communication - MI Offices Closed Monday Sept 5th; Catalog Sales
8/31/16 160831 Official Communication - Member Retention Week, November 6 - 12, 2016; 990 Forms;2016 Fall Intl Golf Tourn SC; RM Workshops; Halloween T or T Bags

8/24/16 160824 Official Communication - Member Retention Week Nov 6 - 12, 2016; 2016-2017 Moose Journalism Awards Now Open;Dues Increases by FRUS
8/17/16 160817 Official Communication -Member Retention Week;Time for IRS 990 Forms; Lodge Safety Forms Due;Regional Mbrshp Workshop; Cat Sales
8/16/16 160816 Official Communication-MOOSE CHARITIES – ASKING FOR YOUR HELP

160815 Official Communication - First Qtr HOC Reports DUE TODAY; Tommy Moose From Catalog

8/10/16 160810 WOTM Official Communication - Downloading Revised Audit Form; Cat Sales Has Degree Rings
8/10/16 160810 Official Communication-Applic for the NEW Moose HOC Scholarship now avail;1st QTR HOC due MON;FIRST Reg Mbrshp Workshop SAT; Degree Aprons from Catalog
8/8/16 160808 Official Communication - "No Weapons" Poster now required: Catalog Sales has Custom Golf Clubs Available
8/3/16 160803-Official Communication;Deadline 1st Qtr HOC;Lodge Safety Forms Due;Regional Mbshp Workshops;Entryway Moose Floor Mats Avail Catalog
7/27/16 160727 Official Communication -Last Day to Appeal Pre Lodge Award & Gov Award Of Excell;Robert Dale Scho Modified & Renamed;Lodge Safety Info;Regional Mbshp Workshp; Cat sales

160720 Official Communication; Premier Lodge & Gov Award Appeals now accepted;Reg Mbrshp Workshops; Info Cross Sponsors;Lodges w/out Chapter Affiliation;Catalog

7/15/16 160715 - Official Communication - MOY Deadline TODAY;Premier Lodge Award Gov's Award Appeals Accepted NOW
7/6/16 160706 Official Communication;Premier Lodge Award appeals;2016-17 MOY deadline;Golf Tourn register Deadline;Catalog Sales
6/29/16 160629 Official Communication-Pre-reg MI Conv *Bring Crdnls;2016-17 HOC Dr in St Louis;Red Cross Bld Dr ;MC March of Cks;Grant Pro Ends 6-30-16;MI Office Closed Info;catalog Sales

160623 - Official Communication - 2016-17 MOY Selection Open; Grant Program Open ends June 30th;Deadlines To Register Intl Golf Tourn & Intl' Softball; ML Vest w/Catalog

6/21/16 160621 Official Communication - 2015-16 MI Karaoke "Final 12" Have Been Selected!;2016-17 HOC Drives in St Louis;Red Cross Drive;Catalog Sales
6/15/16 20160615 Official Communication MOY Selection; Supreme Council Grant; Catalog Sales

160608 Official Communication-Pre-registered? Your credentials packet has been mailed-Dble Moose Rewards Pts Training;Deadlines To Register Intl Horseshoe tour;MI Conv BLD Drive Appts

6/2/16 160602 Official Communication WOTM PJO Staff Changes - MHT Grad & Pilgrim Weekend;MC Information; 114 Form Reminder
5/25/16 160525 Official Communication - Dble Rewds Pts For Training; Deadlines To Regis Pool Tour & Intl HShoes; Preparing for ST Louis - HOC Drives For St Louis;Red Cross Bld Dr At Conve
5/24/16 20160524 Official communication Moose Charities March of checks
5/18/16 160518 - Official Communication - MI Conv Pre Reg Ends Sat May 21st; Supr Coun Grant Prog Open Through 6-30-16; Officer Entries; 2016/17 MOY Selection;Bibles w/Catalog

160512 Official Communication: Revision to 2016-2017 Premier Lodge Award Program; Qtr 4 Deadline for HOC; MI Conven Pre Reg Ends Sat May 21st;Order custom golf clubs from Catalog Sales today

5/10/16 160510 Official Communication - Qtr 4 Deadline For HOC; Supreme Council Grant Prog Entry NOW OPEN;Officer Entries 2016-17;Hosting a Comm Event at Your Lodge?

160505 - Official Communication - 2016-2017 Premier Lodge Award and New Leadership Award Attachment


160505 Official Communication- Dues Rate Increase Effects for 8-2016 dues;Intl Conv Pre Reg Ends Sat 5-2016; Tech Notice; 2016-17 MOY Selec;Moose Raise the Roof

5/3/16 160503 Official communication - Scam via Email
5/2/16 160502- Official Communication; 2016-17 Campaign Materials;2016-17 Grant Prog NOW Open;2016-17 Offcr Entry Can Now Be Entered;MC March of Ch at St Louis Conv
4/29/16 162904 - End of Year Official Communication;Online Dues Payment;Officer Entries;Proper Reporting Of Enrollmt;Special FRI 29th & SAT 30th Process;Ext Hours
4/27/16 160427 End of Year Official Communication;Online Dues Payment;Officer Entries;Proper Reporting Of Enrollmt;Special FRI 29th & SAT 30th Process;Ext Hours;MC Donations
4/22/16 160422 Official Communication LODGES ONLY
4/22/16 160422 Official Communication - WOTM - Moose Charities Information for Women of the Moose

160419 Official Communication WOTM -Offr Info Entry;St. Louis 2016!;COR;Pd Offrs;Meeting Procd, Handbooks, Forms,;Forms 114 & 166;Ch dir Dep; End Mbr Fig;Gr Ch Abs


160419 End Of Year Official Communication-Officers Entry For 2016-17 Info;Proper Reporting Of Enrollment Dates;Online Pymts Included in 2015-16 Yr End Totals; Extd Hrs w/MI

4/14/16 160414 Official Communication - 2016-17 Supreme Council Lodge Grant Program; MC March of Checks;Catalog Sales
4/13/16 160413 Official Communication-Entering Apps On LCL; Did Correct Spon Recv Credit;Mbrs w/April 30th 2016 Exp Date Are Counted as Active Yr End Total;End of Yr Instructions; Catalog
3/30/16 160330 - Official Communication-2016 MI Convention; HOC St Louis Information;Table Settings avail Catalog

160329 Official Communication-Weekly Payouts Delayed;Dble Bonus Moose Rewards;Lodge Safety Insp Forms Due - NEW FORM ATTACHED; Cat Sales Offers

3/23/16 160323 - Official Communication;Dble Bonus Pts Moose Rewards;Lodge Safety Insp Form Due NEW Form attached; MI Offices CLosed FRI; 2016 Tx Hold'em merch
3/2/16 160302 Official Commun- Dble Bonus M-Rewards ;54th Annl Moose Journ Awards deadline;food, clothing & supply drive MI 2016 conv;MI Darts Tourn deadline

160225 Official Communication - 2016 MI Bowling Tourn - 2016 State Karaoke Winners Updated;

2/24/16 160224 - Official Communication- Dble Moose Rewards to Sponsor;Deadline 54th Annula Moose Journ Award;Memorial Bibles Avail

160217 Official Communication-Dble Moose Rewards;2015-16 Moose Journ Awards deadline;"Fishing" Scam Email;Custom Golf - Catalog

2/11/16 160211 ‐ Official Communication ‐ dble Moose Rewards Offered to Sponsors;3rd Qrt HOC
Reports Due Mon, Feb 15th; 13th Annual MH "Blessing of the Bikes" Saturday, May 21, 2016; MI
Website Tech Issues; MI Office Closed; St Pat Party kits
2/3/16 160203 - Official Communication - DBLE Moose Rewards To Sponsor; Moose Journalism Awards Entries Now Accepted;Moose Volunteer merch with Cat Sales
1/27/16 160127 - Official Communication-Changes Moose 25 Club prog;Qualified 25 Club members receive preferred seating at MI Conv; DBL Moose Rewards;Texas Catalog Merch
1/13/16 160113 Official Communication - watch live streaming of the final table for Texas Hold'Em on the Internet


12/30/15 151230 Official Communication - Moose Rewards - Double Rewards Offered to Sponsor
12/24/15 151224 Official Communication for Christmas Eve - MI Offices Closed For Holidays; Reg Now Open 2016 MI Sports; Accepting Bids to Host 2017 & Sports Tourn;Catalog
12/16/15 151216-Official Communication- Regist for 2016 MI Bowl,Darts,Pool Tourn; Accepting Bids Host 2017 Softball & Golf & ALL 2018 Sports; MI Office Closed; Order Supplies
12/9/15 151209 Official Communication - Member Retention Week Winners Announced - MI Offices Closed For Holidays;Tommy Moose Available
12/2/15 151202 - Official Communication #2 - Important Message From Moose Charities - REVISED

151124 - Official Communication; Short Term Campaign Posters Avail On Website; HOC 1st Quarter Certificates Mailed To Lodges; MI Offices Closed For Thanksgiving;New Year's Eve Supplies Avail

11/23/15 151123 Official Communication - Special Announcement MI Field Operations;Tommy Moose from Catalog Sales
11/19/15 151119 Official Communication; FRU Member Retention Week Forms Due;7th Annual MI Texas Hold 'Em Now Open thru Dec 7th; Tommy Moose Order Today
11/11/15 151111 Official Communication - Thank You Veteran's;Deadline for 2nd Qtr HOC Reports;Registration for 7th Annual MI Texas Hold 'Em Tourn Now Open;Order Your New Year's Eve Party Supplies
11/5/15 151105 Official Communication - Member Retention Progress? Catalog Sales order Entry Mats
10/30/15 151030 Official Communication - Member Retention Week - Tommy Moose with Catalog
10/27/15 151027 Official Communication MH Founders Day - MC Outbound Calls
10/20/15 151020 Official Communication; Member Retention Week less than two weeks away; Printed Materials Available from Catalog Sales
10/15/15 151014 Official Communication; Member Retention Week; Attend A Regional Mbrshp Growth & Reten Workshp; Order Halloween Treat Bags
10/7/15 151007 Official communication e-mail account
10/5/15 151005 Official Communication - Lodge Safety Inspection Form Submitted; Attached Posi-Pour Offer From Moose Catalog Sales
9/30/15 150929 Official Communication: 2016 Fellowship Recommendation Form; Lodge Safety Insp Forms Due Tomorrow;ML Moose Legion Vest's in Catalog

150929 - Official Communication #2 - Info Class of 2017 R Robert Dale Schol Now Online; Lodge Safety Forms Due in Two Days; Custom Memorial Bibles

9/29/15 150929 Official Communication - Info 2015-16 Moose Karaoke Online;Opportunity Avail for Hole Sponsor Oct 2015 Intl Golf Tour
9/28/15 150928 Official Communication; Lodge Safety Forms Due in Three Days; MI to Fill Positions Based at Headquarters; Tommy Moose Halloween Bags

150925 Official Communication- 2015-2016 Moose Journalism Awards Now Open;Lodge Safety Insp Forms Deadline; ML Vests from Catalog Sales

9/23/15 150923 Official Communication - Moose Charities Info All FRUS;Specially Designed Bags For Tommy Moose
9/22/15 150922 Official Communication: Lodge Safety Form Deadline;Attend a Regional Mbrshp Growth Workshp;Mbr Retention Week; Catalog Sales
9/15/15 150915 Official Communication - TODAY IS THE DEADLINE TO FILE YOUR IRS FORM 990 (US FRU); Member Retention Week Info; ORDER A NEW LODGE ENTRY MAT
9/14/15 150914 Official Communication - School Renovation project
9/10/15 150910 Official Communication- News From The Grand Chancellor

150910 - Official Communication-Tim for IRS Form 990; Member Retention Week;WOTM meeting proce;adgenda & general laws materials

9/4/15 150904 Official Communication - Attend A Regional Membership Growth And Retention Workshop
9/2/15 150902 - Official Communication - IT'S IRS FORM 990 TIME! (UNITED STATES FRATERNAL UNITS);Mbr Retention Materials; MI office Closed;Custom Pins
8/26/15 150826 Official Communication - Mbr Retention Week - Lodge Safety Forms Deadline - Table Setting PDF
8/20/15 150820 Official Communication - Member Retention Week Quickly Approaching - IRS Form 990 Time!; Halloween Creeping Up; Tommy Moose Treat Bags.
8/14/15 150814 Official Communication - Deadline for 1st Quarter Heart of the Commty Reports is Tomorrow; Lodge Safety Insp Forms Deadline is
8/10/15 150810 Official Communication-Deadline for 1st Quarter Heart of the Community;Tommy Moose Kits and Protective Bags Available from Catalog Sales

150817 Official Communication; Moose Members Provide Shelter, Food & Support to Wildfire Evacuees; Build Our Foundation Campaign Shirts


20150804 Official communication Technology notice, Premier lodge & Governor's award appeals

7/29/15 150729 Official Communication;Territory Mangager Postition Avail;Lodge Safety Inspec Forms Due; Order Higher Degree Apron's
7/27/15 150727 Official Communication Premier Lodge Award & Gov AOE Appeals Deadline; Regist MI Texas Hold Em Open; WEB BASED Heart of the Comm Reporting Now avail
7/20/15 150720 Official Communication;Registration MI Texas Hold 'Em NOW OPEN;Web-Based Heart of the Comm Form Avail Tues, July 21,Moose - Build Our Foundation Shirts are available
7/15/15 150715 Official Communication; Lodge Safety Inspection Forms Due
7/10/15 150709 Official Communication - 2015 MOY Final Submission Due Tomorrow; Premier Lodge & Govenor's Award appeals now accepted - >> INCLUDES list of Ohio Lodges that have submitted MOY
7/7/15 150707 Official Communication - 2015 MOY Final Day to Submit;Premier Lodge Award & Gov now being accepted;
7/2/15 150702 Official Communication - MI Offices Closed July 3rd & July 6th for Intl' Convention; 2015 MOY Final Day to Submit
6/29/15 150629 Official Communication;2015-16 Sup Council Lodge Grant Program-Final day;2015 MOY Final day;MI Pre-regist bring credentials;Red Cross;Dates MI Offices CLOSED
6/24/15 150624 Official Communication; 2015-16 Lodge Grant Prog Final day to submit;2015 MOY Final day to submit;Pre-regist for MI Conv bring credentials, Red Cross Blood Drive at MI Conv; Opry Mills Offers Free Coupon Book; Cat Sales
6/18/15 150618 - WOTM Official Communication; WOTM MEETING PROCEDURES and AGENDAS ANNOUNCEMENT
6/15/15 150615 Official Communication; 2015 MOY selection FINAL Day-2015-16 Supreme Counl Lodge Grant Open-FINAL Day to Submit-Pre-regist Bring Credentials


5/22/15 150522 Official Communication WOTM Handbook & Materials
5/19/15 150519 Official Communication-INTL CONV PRE-REG ENDS FRI;FINAL DAYS to report $0 FEE APPLS AS ENROLLED;OFFICERS ENTRY FOR 2015-2016;MI offices Closed Mon 5-25-15
5/14/15 2015 International Moose Convention Activities
5/8/15 150508 Official Communication - New Membership Cards for Life Members;
5/6/15 150506 Official Communication - 2015-16 Supreme Council Lodge Grant Program Open; 2015-16 Moose of the Year Selection;
5/4/15 Official Communication for May 4, 2015 FOR LODGES ONLY, Governor's Award of Excellence and Premier Lodge Award
5/4/15 150504 Official communication Moose build our foundation
4/29/15 150429 Official Communication - Supreme Lodge Changes Impact Personnel, Not Programs; Blessing of the Bikes
4/29/15 150428 Official Communication-2015-16 Officer Entries; Proper Reporting Of Enroll Dates; Online Pymts for Yr End Totals; Special THURS App Enroll ProcesS;4-30-15 EXTENDED HRS
4/29/15 150428- Official Communication - - WOTM - Applicatons In Accepted Status
4/24/15 150424 Official communication Officer entry, reporting of enrollment dates, online payments, extended hours
4/23/15 140423 Official Communication - most recent King of Hearts Winners
4/21/15 150421 Official communication Officer entry, Reporting of enroolment dates, online payments, processing dates and Extended hours
4/17/15 150417 Official Communication - most recent winners who played King of Hearts and won BIG!!
4/15/15 140415 Official Communication - Moose Charities March Of Checks ;
4/15/15 150414 Official Communication - Life Mbrs To Receive New Cards; Entering Applications; Correct Sponsor Credited?;Mbrs Who Expire 4-30-2015 are counted; $0 app fee ends soon;
4/14/15 150413 Official communication Officer entry and enrollment dates
4/10/15 150410 Official Communication - Message From Grand Chancellor
4/9/15 150409 Official communication, King of heart winners and POS
4/2/15 150402 Official Communication: MI Offices Closed;2015-16 Supreme Council Lodge Grant Program; most recent King of Hearts Winners
3/30/15 WOTM - 150330 Official communication Installation of Officers and Missing documents
3/26/15 150326 Official Communication - remind sponsors to go on-line & play; recent King of Hearts Winners; Catalog Sales
3/18/15 Official communication Kings of heart extended through April 30th
3/17/15 150317 Official Communication - Avoid a Compliance Modifier Lodge Safety Inspection Forms;
3/12/15 150312 Official communication King of hearts extended through April 30, 2015
3/4/15 150304 OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION WOTM General Laws
3/4/15 150304 Official Communication King of hearts extended, catalog items
3/3/15 15033 Official Communication - Deadline to Register Intl' Bowling; St Pats Party Supplies
3/1/15 The Lodge Grant Application and Award Process has been changed for 2015-16
2/26/15 150226 Official Communication - $0 app fee; King of Hearts Extended & Winners; Lodge Safety Forms;
2/25/15 140225 Official Communication - Moose Riders - Catalog Sales
2/20/15 150220 Official Communication King of hearts catalog featured items
2/19/15 15/02/19 Official Communication - Journalism Awards
2/15/15 2-15-15 - Mooseheart School Renovation
2/13/15 150213 Official Communication - MI Offices Closed MONDAY -3rd qtr Heart of Cmmty due; 12th Ann Blessing of Bikes; DVD's avail from Catalog
2/11/15 140211 Official Communication - King of Hearts Extended & Winners; List Of Lodge Safety Inspection Forms Received; St Pat Day Supplies
2/4/15 150204 Official Communication - King of Hearts extended through February 28, 2015
1/28/15 150128 Official Communication - King of Hearts extended & winners for King Of Hearts;
1/27/15 150127 Official Communication; 25 Club Exclusive Promotion; order St Patrick's Day Party Supplies
1/22/15 150122 Official Communication - ROCKER FUNDRAISER
1/20/15 150120 Official Communication - King Of Hearts Winners; St Patrick's Party Supplies
1/15/15 150115 Official Communication Lodge Safety Inspection Form
1/9/15 150109 Official Communication - International Moose Convention Registration Open; Moose Rider Brochures; Tommy Moose Storage Bags


12/30/14 141230 Official Communication - Sponsor a Member for a Shot at the King of Heart's Jackpot!
12/17/14 141217 Official Communication - Supreme Council Grant Letters Mailing This Week; MI Offices Closed For Holidays
12/16/14 141216 Official Communication - MC Fall Sweepstake Winners; MI Offices Closed;
12/15/14 141215 Official Communication - Order NY Eve Supplies
12/9/14 141209 Official Communication; MH Athletics Activities; In Need New Entry Mats? Catalog Sales New Yrs Eve Supplies
12/5/14 141205 Official Communication - Heart of the Community Program; Member Retention Week Winners
12/2/14 141202 - Official Communication - Register for 2015 Int'l TX Hold'em Tourn; Holidays Are Here - Got Ins? Certificates of Insurance; Activities Depart can Track Moose Riders
11/24/14 141124 Official Communication - MI Offices To Close For Thanksgiving Holiday; Holiday Gifts; Holiday Lights
11/20/14 141120 Official Communication-Member Retention Form Deadline; BACK TO BASICS HEART OF THE COMMUNITY Membership Program
11/13/14 141113 - Official Communication; H OF THE COMTY PROG NOV 15, 2014-DEC 31,2014;Imp Reminder 2nd qtr H of Comm Due; Mbr Ret Partic Form Submit dt;TX Holdem Lodging;Cat Supp
11/7/14 141107 Official Communication Member Retention Week;Clarification On Cross Sponsorship; Recognize Your Volunteers With T-Shirts From Catalog Sales
11/4/14 110414 Official Communication - Member Retention Week
11/3/14 141103 Official Communication; Date Changes Announced-2015 Intl Pool & Horseshoes Tourn; Recomm Themes Cmty Svc & Acti;
10/31/14 141031 Official Communication - Member Retention Week Nov 2-8th; order New Years Eve Party Supplies
10/29/14 141029 Official Communication - Member Retention; New Opportunity Support Moose Charities
10/22/14 141022 Official Communication - Nine Days Left To Submit Application For Lodge Grant; Last Chance To Order Tommy Moose Halloween Treat Bags
10/21/14 102114 Official Communication; Member Retention Week begins in less than two weeks; Questions about MBR RET WK? Catalog Sales
10/10/14 141010 Official Communication - Member Retention Week Nov 2- 8; Just Three Weeks Until Halloween! Order Tommy Moose Treat Bags
10/9/14 141009 Official Communication - Revision Grant Program Application Process; You could be featured on the next Moose magazine; Rosie Moose Plush Doll - Clearance; Baggo
10/3/14 141003 Official Communication - Member Retention Week; Get Your Four-Color Moose Pins From Catalog Sales
9/26/14 140926 Official Communication - Member Retention Week; Rosie Moose Plush Dolls On Clearance
9/24/14 140924 Official Communication- Cradle Fundraiser; Safety Insp Form;Halloween Tommy Moose Bags;
9/23/14 140923 Official Communication - Update Procedure For Electronic Submit Qrtly Heart Of Comm Report; Final Week Lodge Safety Inspec Form Submis;Pilgrim & Fellow Medallions avail w/Catalog
9/19/14 2014/09/19 Official Communication Membership Growth and Retention Workshops and Member Retention Week
9/10/14 9/10/14 Message from Moose International Staff Attorney
9/9/14 140909 Official Communication - National Bourbon Heritage Month; IRS Form 990 Time! Lodge Safety Inspection Forms Are Due; Catalog Sales Featured Items
9/5/14 140905 Official Communication- Regional Mbrshp Growth Reten Wrkshp; Order Your Tommy Moose Halloween Treat Bags; Catalog Featured Items
8/28/14 140828 Official Communication - Clarification Cross Sponsorship; Upgrade To LCL.Net v2.2; Holiday Lights PDF & Form
8/25/14 140825 Official Communication - Mbr Svce Call Ctr Can Assist Cross Sp & 6 mos applic; IRS Form 990; attn: MOOSE RIDERGROUPS; Lodge Grant Program App Updated;tommy Moose Halloween Treat Bags
8/22/14 140822 Official Communication - Hall Rental Insurance Website Location
8/14/14 140814 Official Communication; Tips for Completing Lodge Safety Inspection Form; Rosie Moose Clearance $10 limited number avail
8/8/14 140808 - Moose Leader
8/8/14 FW:140808 Official Communication; RECRUITING FAMILY TEACHERS Reader Board Campaign.pdf
8/7/14 140807 - Official Communication - New eTIPS Promotional Code; LCL Upgrade; Lodge Grant Program
8/5/14 140805 Official Communication - Lodge Safety Inspection Form Update
8/1/14 140801 Official Communication - 2nd Qrt Theme for Activities and Community Svce; New Option in Admin Menu Qrtly Heart of the Community Reports; Moose Rider Lodge Activity Groups
7/31/14 FW:140731 Official Communication for July 31, 2014 - General Law Change Updates - Supreme Council Lodge Grant Program - Moose International Website
7/30/14 140730 Official Communication - Use of Social Quarters Incident Report Log Book
7/24/14 140724 Official Communication - Tommy Moose Is A Year Round; Order Your Moose Baggo
7/10/14 140710 Official Communication Email - 2014 International Moose Convention Actions, Announcements and Resources
7/2/14 140702 Official Communication - Cross-Sponsorship Policy To Begin; Entering The Application Fee In QB


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